How to Turn a Spare Room Into a Home Theater

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Gone are the days of watching movies just to feel the leather seats, smelling popcorn and spending time with others in the cinema. The indoor cinema is

Positioning during the ongoing pandemic, so while we wait for mass vaccinations and fewer lockdowns, you can

Home theater can

A smart choice. Here are some ways to get the feel of a movie theater without a large open space or without spending money


If you like a large screen and have enough space, please consider buying a projector and screen. They are usually easy to install, and using a shelf on the projector saves you from using more complicated (more expensive) mounting brackets and hangers. of

It is a "mini" that works well even on light-colored walls, so if you choose to give up more complicated wall decoration techniques, please consider painting your observation wall white

. The walls don’t always have to be exposed-just hang pictures or artwork that can be easily removed on movie nights.

Of course, ordinary TVs can also work normally-from

It is recommended that you choose a TV that supports 4K and HDR at the same time, which can provide a variety of colors and definitions. No matter which screen you choose, be sure to cover all windows with blackout curtains to keep

Outside light

Pour from


Speaking of sound,

Normal TV sound

A simple subwoofer



A punch for most people

. sound

Bars and subwoofers usually provide

And Bluetooth functionality, but I

if you have


You can splurge on surround sound, just make sure


Make the sound even


The lighting of the room is not just part of the decoration. It will affect your sleep...

Once you have a viewing device, the next most important step is to arrange

Your seat. You can permanently move the furniture to imitate a theater with rows of sofas or recliners (obviously, if you have a lot of space to watch a movie, this is an option), or you can flexibly convert the seats into Theater-like space and then move back to a

Ordinary living room

. You can also find one


On the TV or projector wall.

There are also many options for high-end conversions, which can also keep the meeting room running normally.

Decorate the wall with movie posters or even old props to imitate

Cinema corridor

. You can even buy

, Done on

Popcorn bucket, movie tickets and sweets. If you like popcorn in the cinema, you can buy old-fashioned popcorn as an extra reward. Their prices range from

, And T

His smaller

Can be placed moderately




Hers can be

With vintage wheels


However, tilting them can be troublesome

, So remember this

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If you have spare rooms, it is definitely worth it. What are you doing with that room? You will fill it with unnecessary nonsense and call it the "garbage room". It's okay to throw away these messy things, and then become a "TV room". Especially in these days, since you can no longer go to the theater safely, it's great to be able to watch big-picture, loud-sound movies or watch streaming programs with movie equipment. (I must watch an episode

The cost-benefit ratio is too heavy for the good, so if you have enough room, please be kind to yourself.

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