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ICC board members and Itawamba County Supervisors and Itawamba Community College Dean Dr. Jay Allen threw away the ceremonial dirt as ICC broke ground on a new residential building near Sheffield Hall on the Fulton campus on Wednesday morning. The new 72,000-square-foot facility will be a three-story dormitory building with 246 beds, customizable halls/wings for separate residences for men and women.

The principal of Itawamba Community College, Dr. Jay Allen, spoke on Wednesday about the new dormitory built near Sheffield Hall on the Fulton campus.

ICC supporters and local residents gathered together, and Dr. Jay Allen, the principal of Itawamba Community College, spoke about the school’s new dormitory on Wednesday.

A new student dormitory is under construction near Sheffield Hall on Itawamba Community College Fulton campus. On Wednesday morning, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for the new 72,000-square-foot factory, which will be a three-story residential hall with 246 beds, customizable halls/wings, separate for men and women.

Itawamba Community College did not let the bad weather or the COVID-19 pandemic stop the groundbreaking ceremony of its new 246-bed dormitory on Wednesday morning.

Due to the coming hurricane fever, rainwater was forced into the room. Managers, board members and local officials put on masks and gathered under a large tent in the parking lot near Sheffield Hall, scooping ceremonially.

ICC Chairman Dr. Jay Allen said: “As you can see, today’s ceremony is different because 2020 not only brings COVID-19, but also record tropical storms, depressions and hurricanes that have affected our rainfall.” The crowd.

This 72,000-square-foot three-story residential hall will have 246 beds, and customizable halls/wings can be customized as needed for separate use by men and women. It will also include two efficiency apartments and an apartment for the minister.

Renovations around the building include improved parking, safer sidewalks to Sheffield Hall, and safer crosswalks across the street to the main campus. Allen said that the project will add about 70 parking spaces.

Allen said: "Our vision is that this hall will be filled with leaders and scholars." "We are grateful for the leadership and vision of our board of directors to continue this much-needed project."

Dr. Chad Case, director of the ICC Housing Department, said that normally, there is a waiting list of students who want to live on campus, and the university simply cannot accommodate all students.

The research he cited shows that students who live on campus complete more hours, have a higher GPA, are more interactive with the campus community, and show a higher level of development and self-esteem.

Case said the new dormitory will also provide collaborative learning areas, and full-time staff will assist students in their social and academic growth.

Allen said that even during the pandemic, ICC enrollment has risen slightly, which shows that despite the setbacks caused by the pandemic, the university is on the right path.

"We know this is a timely moment and it will pass, so we must be prepared for it," Allen said. "Our prospects on this project go far beyond today.

He added: "It will be used as a state-of-the-art dormitory, making our college, county, district and state proud."

The preliminary plan for the currently unnamed dormitory began two years ago. This is the first dormitory built on campus since the Itawamba Auditorium opened in 2010.

The ICC board of directors approved the assistance of the Butler Show law firm to provide US$20 million in guarantees for the project through Raymond James Financial and the Mississippi Development Bank.

The facility was designed by Pryor Morrow Architects. The project was contracted by WAR Construction, Inc. of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

The project is expected to be completed in time for students to move into the building in the fall of 2022.

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