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In the pandemic, Philadelphia

Have been trying to figure out how they will make a living; how do you act for 300 people in an age away from society?

After brainstorming with dozens of creatives and administrators, they came up with a solution that combines old and new technologies. The plan is led by set designers Misha Kachman, Sara Brown and Matt Saunders, and combined with the opinions of video designer Jorge Cousineau, the plan will return to old-fashioned theater design (I’m talking about William Shakespeare’s Globe, about 1599)


Regarding how to attract an audience of the same size before the pandemic, this is where modern technology intervenes:

We hope to carefully install about a dozen cameras in Wilma Globe, each with a unique camera. Some of them can take care of the big picture, while others can be as small and specific as a camera hidden in an actor's costume. When the director is rehearsing the performance, the video designer will make a "video script" of the work, allowing us to play high-quality, artistically planned scripts. In this way, we can open our work to more potential audiences.

The Wilma administrator hopes to prepare the Globe by the end of 2020. If you want to donate, they are seeking advance ticket sales and donations


I am a negligent industrial designer. I was born in New York and thought I would die there, but a few years ago, I abandoned New York and lived with my wife on a farm in the country. We have six dogs.

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