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Burke Presbyterian Church Preschool

Burke Presbyterian Church

5690 Oak Leather Drive

Burke, Virginia 22015

The Preschool of Burke Presbyterian Church is looking for interim supervisors to provide energetic and thoughtful leadership to faculty and staff, to realize the vision, and to serve by providing early childhood education experience for young children and their families. BPCP is a department of the church that works with the interim supervisor to complete the tasks of the kindergarten:

In order to thank God for his unconditional love for all people, the preschool of Burke Presbyterian Church recognizes the intrinsic value of all children and their families. Our goal is to provide a safe and happy environment and encourage unique people to grow into themselves. We create learning experiences to promote children's physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual growth and development. In addition, we believe

  *Children are capable, capable, and a gift from a loving God 

      *Children interact with their neighbors as a catalyst for learning 

      *Children explore, experiment and discover the world around them through games

      *Children grow up on unique schedules, which are usually uneven and independent of age

      *Children grow up in a learning environment that can be nurtured and maintained      

             ~ A new sense of self and empathy for others

            ~ Structured and unstructured learning

            ~Tendency to pursue self and study with others throughout life

Work with the school board to make global decisions:

Determine the educational philosophy

Plan course

Determine which courses will be offered, including time and date

Create a school calendar and start date

Work with the school board and preschool staff to determine the necessary COVID procedures (ie, policies that support a healthy school environment for employees and families):

Is it safe to open?

Once open policies and procedures (disease screening, employee leave, tuition)

Monitor the local and national COVID situation (county cases and positive rates, preschool closing/closing requirements, etc.)

Join the Burke/Springfield preschool teacher group through monthly meetings and emails; pay close attention to the performance of other preschools in reopening, staffing, tuition and policies/procedures.

Check and update together with Office Manager:

Student Form

Employee form

Parent Handbook


Acting as a "preschool" for prospective parents

Instruct Office Manager to place advertisements and social media announcements

Direct Office Manager/PTO volunteers create online images (social media and websites) to portray the ideal image of our preschoolers

Take a tour (face-to-face and/or video/virtual)

Handle in-depth telephone discussions with prospective parents about our plans

Plan school calendar:

Incorporate parent participation into the school year (parent committee, activities)

Including field trips, special plans and community-building festivals

Send regular emails and snail mail "touch points" to registered families to inform them of back-to-school procedures, reminders, resources and important dates (with your teacher, first day of school, back-to-school night, parents drinking coffee, etc.).

Obtain continuous feedback on needs and needs from parents through surveys and other communication methods


Together with the Academic Affairs Committee, determine the staffing concept

Create job description

Advertising and recruitment staff

Interview and hire employees

Update employee procedures manual


Manage school supplies (cooperate with Office Manager):

Stock we have

Determine the consumables needed

Organize supplies

Organize the library and guide the purchase of required books

Purposefully build relationships with church staff, elders and ministry chairs

Make decisions about website editing with Office Manager so that kindergarten and/or church staff can update easily (for example, different WordPress templates?)

 Submit your resume, contact information (recommendations from at least 3 previous employers/evaluators) and a cover letter to 

Contact Us
  • Maggie Kwan
  • +86 757 2363 2953
  • +86 139 2480 2689
  • +86 757 2387 9469
  • +86 139 2480 2689