Jimli A.M.E Zion Primary begs for support as school battles furniture problem

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Saturday, January 30, 2021, regional news

Jimli AME Elementary School in the Mion constituency in the northern region faced many challenges, including insufficient classrooms, leaking roofs, unpainted floors, and furniture problems.

In a speech by the school’s assistant principal Amadu Haruna, he explained that the lack of classrooms forced them to merge students in kindergartens (1) and (2).

He added that high winds also tore up some school blocks, making it difficult to attend classes in the rainy season.

He told Ghana.net’s northern correspondent Abdur Rashid: “If you are in a classroom and it is about to rain, you must stop teaching and move the children to a safe corner. Because water will enter the classroom."

Mr. Haruna also pointed out that lack of furniture was a problem facing the school, and as a result, students sat on the bare floor to study. According to him, this exposes children to some form of respiratory disease.

Similarly, he regretted the lack of frequently used classroom door locks for classroom residents by jumping over the wall to enter the classroom and perform various behaviors.

However, Mr. Haruna revealed that the school submitted an annual report to the Ghana Education Service (GES) to bring these issues to the attention of the Ghana Education Service (GES), but they did not receive any response.

He added again that they are also in contact with the parliamentarians in the area, who assured them that their concerns will be passed on to the district council, but they have not seen any response from them.

"I call on the authorities, NGOs and philanthropists to provide our help. It is unpleasant to see what the children are learning. It is affecting the teaching and learning of schools."

In response to these issues, the parliamentarian of the district said: “We have approved the 2021 budget and designated (2) classrooms for this purpose. In addition, people are also working hard to renovate the old blocks.”

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