Jimmy Fallon Drew the Smallest 'Tonight Show' Audience Ever Last Night

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Colbert more than doubled the total number of spectators for NBC games

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Based on early ratings, Monday’s "Tonight Show" average ratings are the smallest episodes of a TV series ever. Jimmy Fallon attracted only 947,000 spectators last night.

According to Nielsen's "Live + Same Day" fast national live broadcast figures, Stephen Colbert's "Evening Show" on CBS won 2.03 million viewers that night. ABC’s "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" ranked second in late night TV shows with a total of 1.67 million viewers.

When calculating the final number, the numbers for each of these programs may be adjusted. It is expected to be available on Wednesday.

Although these specific Nielsen historical data can only be traced back to 1986, it is safe to say that Johnny Carson has been attracting more than one million viewers in a completely different era. (Carson held the "Tonight Show" from 1962 to 1992. Jay Leno took over in 1992.)

The previous low point of the original "Tonight Show" episode occurred on September 25, 2020, when Fallon attracted 992,000 spectators after the Stanley Cup Finals. Due to live hockey reports, the start of this episode was delayed.

Before the hockey game ended, the lowest record for the show started on August 18, 2020, when Jimmy attracted 1 million viewers.

Yes, this is a difficult stage for Fallon-especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Fallon was once the king of the night, but Colbert

In mid-November 2018. "Colbert Report" alumni continue


On Monday, Fallon welcomed guests Bill Burr, Rashida Jones and music guest Old Dominion. The breakdown includes Burr's "Life Coach" and Fallon's solo "Go On, Git".

Last night, Colbert interviewed Chris Rock and played a performance by singer Joss Stone. On "Kimmel", the guests were "This is our star" Milo Ventimiglia and CNN's Jake Tapper, and Queen Naija was the guest of music.

Readers can watch Fallon Monday's monologue below. Fallon first talked about President Trump's permanent ban from Twitter and other social media platforms.

Find the ratings for prime time last night

. ABC won the game of the day.

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