Judge Sides With Minneapolis Teachers Union To Prevent District From Denying Accommodation Requests – WCCO | CBS Minnesota

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—On Monday, thousands of children and educators in Minnesota were preparing to return to the classroom.

São Paulo Public Schools will start on Monday, from pre-kindergarten to second grade, bringing students back to Monday. Minneapolis educators also reported to the school on Monday to prepare their youngest learner to return next week.

Governor Tim Walz urged schools in Minnesota to prioritize the return of elementary school students to the classroom while following COVID-19 safety practices. Ciatlin Maly will return on Monday, preparing to teach at the Barton Open School for the first time since March.

"I will build my own classroom and place the furniture in places where the surrounding environment cannot be achieved," said Ma Li.

She is very happy to meet her students, but hopes that the school district can wait until all teachers are vaccinated.

Kaelynn Schultz of Spring Lake Park felt both excited and nervous. She sent her 10-year-old back to school this month.

Schultz said: "It was definitely five days of adjustment, but I do think she is very happy."

Educators from the Minneapolis Public Schools will return to school on Monday, but some may be able to continue their distance learning. On Sunday, the court issued an order requiring the teachers’ union to prevent the school district from rejecting the request for accommodation. This includes the doctor's note and the area's application.

Greta Callahan is the chairperson of the teachers branch of the Minneapolis Teachers Association.

Callahan said: "Because you also live with high-risk people, you have the opportunity to go through the process of finding accommodation."

A spokesperson for Minnesota Education said that if staffing levels are required, the area can still refuse accommodation, and the union hopes to participate in these dialogues. But the court order pointed out that 40% of students choose to continue distance learning, and the area may still need teachers for distance learning.

Officials from Minneapolis Public Schools issued this statement to WCCO on Sunday night:

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