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Partly cloudy skies this morning will give way to cloudy skies and afternoon rain or freezing rain. 34F high. The speed is 10 to 15 mph. 70% chance

Most of the time it was cloudy with light rain occasionally...mainly tonight. Lower 26F. Wrap WSW at a speed of 10 to 20 mph. It may rain 70%.

Christmas 2020 will be recorded in history books as the quietest year ever, not because we did not anticipate it, but because there seems to be nothing normal. Many of us did not shop and did not wrap gifts. Others buy people they have never given up before, and may never give up again. Those of you who read this column often know that I started practicing Christmas carols, and this service may be cancelled at the last minute due to weather, isolation issues or even technical difficulties—this year is more demanding than ever. People worry.

The church and school Christmas activities we usually attend are either not held this year or announced to be open to the public. While checking the local website, I found two programs in the church video and was told that some school programs are on Cardinal Vision, but not on the radio or the Internet. There are not many traditional Christmas gatherings at all this year, and all of us know that health is a necessary health issue. Some people have cited conversations with actors from a long time ago when they watched "Miracle on 34th Street" or "This is the Good Life" countless times. A few days after Christmas, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) ran Stuart McLean's VinylCafé's most popular Christmas show, where Dave and him were looking for the perfect Christmas tree. This time is not in its "normal" Sunday noon time period, so even though I am not sleepy after the "normal" routine of the past few years, when I returned home after attending two church services and was in a hurry before then Listening to the noon show to organize lunch, I was still asleep before Dave went home for his happy ending.

Certain churches that follow the sect leader’s "no face-to-face worship" instruction do provide Christmas Eve services for small groups. Although we are well-trained, don't embrace the situation of people coming in or visiting them, but the people attending the meeting are people we haven't seen since last Christmas. This is a joyous moment in itself. Some of the virus survivors we know-in a sense, most of us have never heard of miraculous survivors of this disease a year ago.

In order to record this historic Christmas, some families went all out to prepare traditional large family meals. Family members are from other states and bring gifts and Christmas gifts. Relatives in Colorado have been baking for a while, and when their family arrived with ski equipment, they brought the cookies to the slopes. Others ate a simple meal, relying on Facetime or Zoom to see when their grandchildren opened their gifts, whether they live far away or just around town. Like me, friends and relatives called from friends and found that yearbooks and letters have become increasingly severe. No matter where I live today, they are all facing the same challenges. We are able to contact other people, which allows us and the survivors and survivors to survive. Moreover, there was almost no failure, and the cards that arrived and the calls received provided hope for a happy new year and a healthy life.

Entering this somewhat different atmosphere, Santa still came to the chimney anonymously. Before my brother and I were old enough to go to school, there was an obvious memory that Santa Claus paid a special visit to our house on Christmas Eve. An aunt and uncle came to town and probably drove their new 1938 Buick, which remained their family car until the end of World War II. He came to take our family to Langdon Presbyterian Church for the Christmas program. Everyone in the family participated in this procedure, and all of us saw my aunt carefully locked the house with her master key before leaving.

When we returned home later, the door was still locked, but it was clear that Santa had been there. Below the window on the west side of the kitchen is a small light green table and two green wooden chairs, suitable for children to sit on. Nearby is a small pink cupboard. When you open the door, the little toy plates and cups I received for Christmas one or two years ago. Rodney's first Lincoln logs may also be under the Christmas tree. These gifts still exist with young family members who loved them when we grew up, and I was told to refurbish them for my grandson.

After ten months of no real shopping and trying to avoid the crowds, I didn't expect Santa to have my name on his list and was ready to celebrate very quietly. Then, believe it or not, friends started mentioning Santa gifts of different sizes. The gift signed at my house is Santa Claus, a beautiful pink rose, still decorating my kitchen a week later. This must be a good year for the beehives in Cavalier County, because some people mentioned that the honey in the jars appeared in unusual places. It has also been a great year for cookie bakers and long-distance calls from far away places. Everyone is a surprise.

Christmas always brings books, and the books I read from the library during the holidays are new books by MC Beaton. Marian Chesney Beaton began a long writing career in the series "Hamish MacBeth" created in the Scottish Highlands. Counting the books that might be in the basement of the library, there might be more than 30 starring red-haired Scottish police officers. Then, she decided to add an alternative female detective to the repertoire, followed by Agatha Raisin, her title also long. The title alone can bring some laughter, so you may be teased and the story will have twists and turns. Agatha's book is now the current TV series. Beaton died after being ill for a while a year ago, and the man who might think he was her researcher or secretary completed her most recent book. An earlier book co-authored the donkey. This one has horses and some other surprises. Agatha's previous adventure was in England. In this book, she made a breakthrough.

Canadian readers have announced the "best books of 2020" and claim that the Quebec murder may be reading this winter. The author wants it to be like Agatha Christie's Poirot, but wants the detective to "get better." So far, I haven't found the title or the author, just a comment on a book set up in Quebec, which Canadians think is about time.

Wish you a happy new year; stay safe and healthy, and there may be some classic basketball or hockey games.

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