Latinos Are Taking Their Place In The Director’s Chair And These Are The Ones You Need To Look Out For

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Unless you live under a rock, you probably know that the film company is run by white people. Yes, this is bad, but the good news is that there are indeed some people of color out there that paved the way for the rest of us.

Hollywood has an old news 

Diversity issues (#Oscarsowhite, anyone?). Even surpassing the Oscars, this year's Cannes Film Festival also left a lot of hope in Latin American performances.

But, thankfully, this situation is beginning to change. More and more directors claim to have a place in the director’s booth. We are very grateful for them to bring representatives of young audiences, because

In addition, many Latin American directors have seen success especially at the box office of critics and Alfonso Cuarón’s films 

 With Alejandro Gonzalez Inarito 

 At the box office exclusive while head, but also won numerous awards. Here are some of our favorite directors and some lesser-known directors, you should add them to the watch list.

Adrian Molina (Adrian Molina) has extensive experience, especially in animation. He used to work at Pixar Animation Studios

 And in another capacity 


. But this may be his job

The films he co-authored and co-directed are well known.


Premiered in cinemas in Mexico, it has become the highest-grossing movie in the history of the country's cinema. In the United States, 

With her talented actors including actors Gael Garcia Bernal, Edward James Olmos and Benjamin Bratt, she has been a box office The champion, ranked first for three consecutive weekends, and won the Oscar hot discussion.

Director Aurora Guerrero was born in San Francisco and grew up to Mexican immigrant parents. He graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in psychology and Chicano studies. She dabbled in shorts for several years before directing Ava DuVernay’s seminal series 

, Continues DuVernay's promise that every episode will be directed by women of color.

Guerrero is stepping up preparations to direct what she wrote called 

 It is about a gay, undocumented immigrant who found his life turned upside down after traveling to a conservative Pennsylvania town.

Although Mexican director Alfonso Arau was originally an actor (some of his acting achievements include 


), he eventually transitioned to director.

Two of Aarau’s most famous works were from 1992 

 And the 1995s 

. The former was adapted from a novel by Arau's then-wife Laura Esquivel. It became the highest-grossing non-English film ever in the United States at that time, and even won a Golden Globe nomination for best foreign language. the film.

Perhaps one of her greatest contributions is her research work

, Created, written, executed by her, and even served as the simulcast runner-up of the Netflix series.

Kellett grew up in Beaverton, Oregon and San Diego, California, and received a degree in communication and theater arts from Marymount University. Without any experience, she would not set foot in the field of directors. She directed shorts twice a few years ago, 

, And an episode of a web series 

 In 2017. Earlier this year, Kellett announced that she was developing a new TV show for CBS. 


Marvin Lemus, a Guatemalan-American film producer in Mexico, started digital production, engaged in viral video and marketing activities, including those used in movies 

. After putting on shorts, Lemus turned to create his first series. The result is a titled " 

Alfonso Cuarón, along with his countrymen, is one of the greatest directors of our time. Cuarón worked in different genres, was successful in both criticism and business, and became the first Latin American to win the Oscar for Best Director.

Cullen’s directorial debut was in the 1991s 

But his first success came from his second movie – 

 Has been nominated for Oscar twice. 

 It was a huge success and was nominated for the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

Cuarón follows these achievements 

 It has received two Oscar nominations, but is still considered the best one in the series. His latest movie, 

, The two were nominated for seven and three Oscars. As far as both films are concerned, Cuarón has won the best director award like Iñárritu.

Guillermo del Toro is inseparable from the other two famous Mexican directors (Alejandro Gonzalez Inarito and Alfonso Cuarón) working today It is no secret that these three are collectively referred to as the "Three Friends of the Movie". Their praise and success stem from their great talent and hard work.

Del Toro has directed blockbuster movies 


 (He then made a sequel for this), and then directed the critically acclaimed film 

 Later, he was nominated for multiple awards. Del Toro also directed 

And won the Oscar 

There is no doubt that Alejandro González Iñárritu is one of the most successful directors working today-not only in his own country, but also internationally. In addition, this global success may be related to Iñárritu's love to tell international stories, and his films always have different casts.

Iñárritu’s directorial debut was in the 2000s 

 This is his first issue 

 And won the Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film. The next two movies are also part of the trilogy: 

 Was nominated twice for the Academy Awards, 

 Won the Best Director Award at the Cannes Film Festival, won the Golden Globe Award for Best Drama, and won 7 Oscar nominations.

But Iñárritu's most successful works are definitely his two latest films: 

 Won four Oscars, 

 Won three Oscars. In both cases, Iñárritu won the best director award.

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The more we dig, the more we know about Latinos, who made the world what it is today. In these places, there is little entertainment that can make discoveries like discoveries. The often forgotten Latino pioneer is Jose Cuauhtémoc ("José Cuauhtémoc" Bill "Meléndez), who has created the most iconic cartoon special film.

Remembering our lost great animator Bill Meléndez (Bill Meléndez)

in 2008. In 1965, he produced and directed one of the best half-hour TV shows ever broadcast, "Charlie Brown Christmas". Pure joy! ?

José Cuauhtémoc'Bill'Meléndez (November 15, 1916 – September 2, 2008)

Melondes worked closely with Charles Schulz to create the animated Charlie Brown classic that we know and love today. Meléndez (Meléndez) was born in Mexico, has a legendary career in the entertainment industry, and became famous in the animation industry. Meléndez is part of Walt Disney's four classic works: "Dumbo", "Bambi", "Pinocchio" and "Fantasia".

Shout out to the Mexican-American director and animator Bill Meléndez (born Jose Kuotmok Meléndez), he is the only trust of Charles Schultz The person who animates his manga. He also voiced Snoopy and Woodstock (the second photo is his recorded squeak).

Meléndez did not speak to Snoopy. He and Schultz created Charlie Brown's animation works, while Schultz focused on comics. Their understanding is that one cannot do what the other brings to the table.

Melondes told the story of how he became the Voice of Snoopy in an interview with the American Television Archives. It is nothing more than luck and the approaching deadline, which makes him the most popular dog spokesperson in the United States.

"Unfortunate accident. When we first started making animations for Snoopy, I greeted Schultz and I said, "You know, he's talking. He has these balloons," Melendez said in an interview. "I have a whimsical actor in Hollywood with a big voice. I said to everyone:'This guy’s voice is perfect for Snoopy. . He should speak for Snoopy. I recorded some of his recordings, read Snoopy's lines, and brought them to Schultz's side. He said, "What is this?" I said, "Snoopy's voice."

I know that Bill Melendez, born in Mexico, is Snoopy's voice. I don't know his real name is José Cuauhtémoc.

"So I went home and I said,'Okay. Arf. Aff. I started to imitate aloud something I might use for actors. I came up with an idea." Melendez recalled in an interview Tao. "In class, Snoopy was talking about a lot of conversations. So I said, "Let's record it. "I let them record at a quarter speed. So I started to say: "Well, Charlie Brown. you are wrong. The teacher tells you to put down the ball. Then I told the engineer to run it quickly for me. He ran very fast until he finally ran at a quarter speed. I said, that's it. That's our voice to Snoopy. "

As Melendez said, the rest is history.

There is something in common between "Una Navidad de Charlie Brown" and "Special Performer". Sabias Mexican Animation Year? José Cuauhtémoc "Bill" Meléndeznacióen Sonora. Special animation works 75 Schultz’s storyline.

Charlie Brown's classic movies are part of many holiday traditions. Fortunately, after a brief panic, they can all be watched on TV this year. Apple+ currently has specials, but has decided to allow PBS and PBS Kids to play specials this year. You can watch "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special" and "A Charlie Brown Christmas Special" on Apple+ from November 25th to 27th and December 11th to 13th, respectively.

Shia LeBeouf (Shia LeBeouf) participated in the new movie "The Tax Collector" (The Tax Collector), people accused him of playing this role is tan. The actor plays the role and gets a chest tattoo to play the role realistically. For some people, this is a cultural appropriation, and a debate has already begun.

The shocking trailer has all the action you can handle, so you can only imagine what the whole movie looks like. The film is about when a competitor takes over their own territory, the tax collector must fight to protect his family. LeBeouf is ready to do everything possible to save his family.

But does he speak like Chicano, dress like Chicano, and throw signs? Okay ???️

Tattoos and accents are too much for people. Some people think that this effect is not a culturally specific way at all. Instead, LeBeouf’s white character happened to grow up nearby, where he gained an accent and some kind of clothing.

To be honest, I don't respect Shia LeBeouf who plays the role of "cholo" in Tax Collector. He is a fucking actor. Literally, his job is to pretend and act as if he were a different person. Shiites are also very good at acting!!!!

Although the role may be problematic for some people, others think they have reflected it. There are many people who defend LeBeouf because they also grew up nearby and inherited the nearby culture.

The head of the "Tax Collector" denies putting Shia LaBeouf in a tan

"He is a white man who plays a white man. He didn't take away anyone's work," Ayer told the Los Angeles Times to calm the critics.

What do you think?

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