LAYER's 'sequel seat' is designed for the post COVID world

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The project provides opportunities for theaters to change the cinematic experience of visitors and respond to these challenges in a meaningful way. 

The sequel seat has many innovative features that can be integrated into the structure of the chair to ensure the same footprint as the existing high-end cinema seat

However, with the advent of COVID-19, the company has entered the ranks of takeovers due to the widespread closure of movie theaters worldwide. LAYER retains the IP and continues to work on the project, and believes that the new method of cinema seating is essential to the recovery of the industry.

The soft cocoon-shaped seat has a removable protective screen to safely separate the audience. When strict hygiene measures are no longer needed, the screen can be easily removed

The design language of the "rear seat" is modern. The rising and falling of the armrests produces a rolling rhythm. The subtle rear wing on the seat provides comfort backwards without restricting the fans' shoulders.

This not only minimizes the risk of accidentally violating social distancing measures by sitting in the wrong seat, but also makes the experience of watching a movie more personal

The seats are modular and can be arranged in rows of any length required, so that they can be used in a variety of cinema sizes and arrangements. At the end of each row there is an LED marker, projecting the row number onto the floor.

The armrest of each seat is equipped with a panel that allows the user to control the tilt, lumbar support, seat temperature and call for help. This allows viewers to create their own experience

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The 3D woven fabric interior uses antibacterial copper wire and is seamlessly woven to eliminate gaps that may be used as dirt traps

After testing, this durable, hydrophobic, stain-resistant textile is resistant to water, soft drinks, grease and sweat, and can be easily wiped clean

There is a storage unit for storing luggage in the armrest between each seat, which can store items out of the aisle to reduce the risk of tripping. When these items are placed inside, the built-in UV lamp can sterilize them

The turntable (with cup holder and food space) is very smooth to ensure easy cleaning

Each headrest has LEDs that show the seat number and the name used for booking. In the fully reclined position, the front of the chair is raised to comfortably support the observer’s legs

There is a coat hook at the back of each seat to help keep the circulation path unobstructed, and there is also an ultraviolet lamp to disinfect the seat behind the seat between two screenings

All electrification is located on the seat instead of on the floor to simplify operations and increase cost-effectiveness

The headrest of each seat is integrated with a personal speaker, creating an immersive audio experience for the audience and elevating the cinema experience to a level not available at home


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