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In March 2020, with the start of family accommodation in California, the school district where I teach and most school districts across the state closed their classroom doors and switched to distance learning. I found myself sitting on the desk in front of the computer for hours. When I make digital versions of student work, instructions, tests, etc., I either zoom with the students or create all the new content so that my students can access through Chromebooks at home. During normal class, I only spend a few hours at my desk every day. The rest of the time, I will work with students, introduce information, cooperate with other teachers, and then walk to the office opposite the classroom. As my life became more and more sedentary, I noticed this effect. I don't have so much energy. It is difficult for me to concentrate. I feel sore. I have gained weight. When the summer vacation comes, I vowed to make some changes instead of being tied to my desk all day. 

When school started in autumn, I decided to work from the classroom instead of home. There, I have some coffee shop altimeters, and sometimes I can stand while holding a Zoom class or working on a computer. I also use a portable webcam, so I can teach students in front of the whiteboard instead of at the desk. These all helped. However, when I recently started using Fluidstance's The Level balance board, it was the real game changer. 

Fluidstance's standard balance board is The Level. The base is made of die-cast military grade aluminum with powder coating. The wooden deck is half an inch of maple or bamboo, depending on the option you choose. These balance plates are also manufactured in the United States. The spirit level is designed for working on a standing desk. Although standing is better than sitting, using a balance board when working from a standing position can help increase concentration, improve posture, increase core strength, and even help you burn more calories. Since "horizontal" is omnidirectional, it will tilt left and right and forward and backward. This provides enough swing to make your muscles work without distracting. 

Some users will stand on the "gates" for several hours at a time. However, this may take some time to establish. Fluidstance recommends that new users adopt a 70:20:10 lifestyle. Spend 70% of the workday sitting as usual. Then, spend 20% of your day on the balance board of a standing desk. Finally, spend the last 10% on high-energy activities such as running or cycling. For an eight-hour working day, approximately 96 minutes can be calculated on the balance board. Start in 20-30 minute increments and then gradually increase. Fluidstance has published a white paper on the benefits of balance plates, including research by Mayo Clinic,

. Unlike standard balance boards, which require a lot of energy to maintain balance, a "level" triggers subtle movements, which increase heart rate and movement changes without distracting. In addition, the angle of motion on the ankle, heel and toes is comparable to walking. This level also includes a challenge cap that can be easily snapped into the base. This will increase the "level" balance point, require your body to work harder, and provide you with more opportunities for exercise. It is designed for short-term use of 30 minutes or less.

Natural light coatings of this level start at $249, dark walnut coatings start at $289, and bamboo dark coatings start at $339. You can buy these balance boards directly from the company

. Plastic and rubber models of balance plates called "airplanes" are provided

It is priced at $159 or can be purchased directly from Fluidstance. 

In addition to increasing the workload, maintaining moisture is also very important. Fillup is a water tower made of double-layer steel, which can keep beverages low for 24 hours. It can hold 70 ounces of liquid, which is about the same as the water in four plastic bottles. The water tower is designed to fit your desk and only takes up 5.5 inches of space. The water tower is mounted on a bracket, and the built-in lever can be used to dispense liquid from it. The mouth of the tower is very wide and can be easily filled with ice cubes. If people have water in front of them, most people drink it regularly. However, if they have to leave the desk to get it, they are less likely to do so. Fillup looks very professional, sitting on the table, not like a steel kettle just returned from the gym. The filling includes a ceramic cup. The water supply tower can be purchased directly from

The price is 139 dollars. Additional ceramic cups can be purchased for 4 packs for $30.

I will admit that when I first received The Level balance board, I was a little skeptical. There were two reasons for this. I'm not sure if this is really different compared to standing posture, and I'm not sure that keeping balance at work will distract me. When I tested it for the first time, I found that it did not take long to maintain balance. I also found that once I get used to it, I don't have to really think about it, but can focus on my work. After about 20 minutes, I started to feel that my legs and core had begun to work out. I am really impressed by The Level. I feel energetic all day, sitting after the day without feeling stiff joints and muscles. There is a cloth bag on the board, which can be easily taken home. When watching movies or TV shows, I will stand on the balance board for a period of time instead of sitting. In fact, I found that at home, watching a video or practicing using the "level" in a zoom meeting in the workplace is a good way to adapt to it. Fluidstance also sells its balance boards in packs of 2 and 5, and provides a storage rack, which is ideal for offices shared by colleagues. 

I also like the Fillup water tower very much. I like cold water. I am more likely to drink water when it is cold and right in front of me. At work, I cannot use an ice maker, so I usually bring ice water into a large metal flask. However, I don't like the way it sits on my table, and a drink from a large metal bottle during a Zoom meeting does not look good. Instead, I can put a water tower on the table without filling it with water. When I want a drink, I just fill the ceramic cup with the water I want and drink it. I can even put the cup in front of me to encourage me to drink more without hindering or distracting my attention. Fillup is a great idea, and it works well in practice. 

Finally, I want to say that I am very impressed with the quality of the Level Level balance board and the Fillup water tower. Both are doing well. The horizontal balance board is very strong and will not bend during use. In addition, both look very professional, unlike toys or gadgets. If you are thinking about how to be healthier at work, even if you work at home, I also recommend using Fluidstance's level balance plate and make-up water tower. You will not be disappointed. 

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