Letter From Amanda Bhalla’s Mesh Swivel Tilt Black Desk Chair

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It seems to be dreaming.

You arrive at 8 am every day, you can choose any seat on the floor, but you choose me. You always choose me

I'm in the second row of the long table, and the first row is in the open space. Easy to reach. Go to the bathroom. Not far from the window lights. 

You need to sit down, start your PC, and start working on customer deliverables or new business proposals. I can still hear the click of the email. People will come to say hello to us. How are you? busy. me too. When calling, you need to wear earplugs or find an open office. A female app called Joan will help you. From time to time there will be things that frustrate you. It could be a surprising deadline or a crazy request from a partner. Hush, I will hear you. uck 

Remember that month when the designer put the 3D printer behind us? The harsh sound of test sounds all day long drives us to become absolute bananas. It took six emails to the office manager and stared at the creative director before transferring it to the supply cabinet.

People are jealous. The project manager David (David) sitting diagonally made Manabe yell! Just because you occasionally buzz. 

You took a vacation, which really shocked me. A child who had just come out of business school with a dirty face sat down, bounced around in the seat, and transferred all the adjustments. I can feel him moving things around on our table, watching him use all the wrong frames to design the shabby slides. When returning, the whole line was relieved. Thanks for the snowball.

Every day is a precious memory. As the sky darkens, you will call back to discuss dinner plans. When will you meet there? Ok. In most cases, the last thing you need to do is the last task-fill out the timetable. Thank you. This is how we get paid.

What am I up to lately? Frankly no. Make friends with the cleaning staff. Count the number of holes in the ceiling. Listen to the police siren outside.

This is an open office, so technically speaking, I am the No. 201 swivel chair. We both know that I belong to you. There is also an "Extended Stay Award" on the table, which we won at a table that has never changed at the holiday party. Just like



, I'm still here.

I'm a writer, podcaster, dog and the head of marketing for global growth consulting company Prophet. 25 years of creative and leadership positions in Ogilvy & Mather,

I'm a writer, podcaster, dog and the head of marketing for global growth consulting company Prophet. In the 25 years of creative and leadership positions in Ogilvy, R/GA and Agency.com, I have taught me what to look like and how to help brands, businesses and people grow. Follow me on Twitter @matzucker and read my career books:

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