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Lockport, New York (WIVB) – Even though the historic Palace Theater in Lockport has been closed due to COVID-19 since March, they are still asking the community to sit.

The theater is taking advantage of this "interval" for its ongoing renovation projects, including the acquisition of brand new seats.

Old seats are provided to the public for free.

Christopher Parada, the executive director of the Palace Theater, said: "We just want to see those seats in the basement at home, so that we can give you a bit of history."

Parada said that the wooden seats on the balcony are the original structure of the 1925 building.

The seats on the first floor were installed in the 1970s.

Parada said: "They must have seen wear and tear, and we are very happy to get some new seats."

Parada added that the cost of professional replacement of seats is approximately $10,000.

Parada said: "So, we take this opportunity to say: "Let us save some money, let us give something to the community. "If you come and sit down, it will help us save ten thousand dollars." "

To reserve a chair or a row of chairs, just send an email to the palace at


You will receive an email telling you when you will arrive and take it away when the palace has a date available.

The restoration project of the palace-known as

– Including new paint and plaster, refurbishment of the internal lobby and commissary, and expansion of the orchestra.

Parada said: "Basically, from top to bottom, we have restored the theater to its original state, and now we take the time to complete it." "So when we hope to reopen this spring, we don't need to renovate it again. shut down."

Parada said that despite the closure, the community still supports the theater as before.

"We are hit by community support," Parada said. "Our annual event and banner ad sponsorship have not decreased at all."

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