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A kind

Kewal Dhaliwal and other theaters and folk artists celebrate Lohri in Virsa Vihar. Tribune photo

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January 12, Amritsar

Kewal Dhaliwal of the theater company and several other famous theaters and folk artists held a celebration here on Tuesday, opening a new starting point for the city’s theater and cultural activities. Ten months after the event, the event also marked the reopening of Virsa Vihar for live performances and audiences.

"In this case, the bonfire is a new starting point for many people, the change of seasons and the sacred promise of wealth. We hope that the cultural activities of this city will restart more than before. This city is the hub of the cultural landscape of Punjab, and even the entire country , Artists and audiences are waiting for the resumption of folk and theater activities.” Dhaliwal said.

He said to remember the Covid-19 guidelines, live performances will resume. "Our seating arrangements in the auditorium and venues are kept away from society during the disinfection process every day. Artists have also been informed of the new normal. We will soon hold a theater festival to kick off this year's event. "He said. Senior artists from the city, including Gurinder Makana and Harinder Sohal, participated in the event. Performing Lohri's Bolyan and traditional folk songs, the artists' performances are also dedicated to the ongoing peasant movement.

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