Lt. Gov. John Fetterman Could Face Potential Competition In Bid For Senate Seat In 2022

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Governor John Fetterman announced that he is considering running for the US Senate, but he may face potential challenges. KDKA's political editor Jon Delano reports.

Officer Brian Sicknick was killed in violent clashes between presidential supporters

The tipping point was before 6 pm on Tuesday night. At about the same time, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell and the third largest Republican congresswoman Liz Cheney (Liz Cheney) made it clear that they had given up Donald Trump. That was the moment when the political turmoil under the President's feet shifted. Other previously loyal Republicans will follow suit. The current method is clear. Not only is the Republicans and Democrats in the House of Representatives impeaching Trump together, but it is also possible to convict the Senate. Mr. Trump will be the first American president to encounter such a despicable fate. A few hours ago, it still seemed like a very small possibility. Mr. McConnell is a taciturn man, but when he strikes, he is fatal. Everything he did was not without calculation. On Tuesday, just as the evening TV news was broadcast regularly, the New York Times published a blockbuster, saying that McConnell had "telled colleagues" his thoughts. This is devastating. It is said that he now "hates" Mr. Trump and believes that the president committed an impeachable crime. If Trump is impeached, he will be "pleased" because it will help "clear" him from the Republican Party. Mr. McConnell will not give up halfway. Apparently, his office did not deny the report. Cheney made an exaggerated statement within a few minutes, saying that she would vote with the Democratic Party for impeachment. Dick Cheney’s daughter did not flinch.

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President-elect Biden said that in his first 100 days, he will get "at least 100 million COVID vaccine injections into the arms of the American people." But according to reports, some consultants feared that this promise would eventually be fulfilled before the start of their term. Biden is "disheartened by the team responsible for mapping his coronavirus response plan" because some of his consultants are increasingly worried that 100 million doses of the vaccine will be vaccinated. Politico reported on Monday that the 100-day goal will not be achieved. “While some of Biden’s advisers insist that it is possible to honor the 100 million pledge, others are privately concerned that the federal response has been so chaotic that drastic measures are required. According to reports, Biden and COVID-19 coordinator Jeff Jeff Zients and his deputy met face-to-face, telling them that “their team is performing poorly,” Politico said. Transitional government officials accused the Trump administration of “lack of long-term plans” because of the speed of vaccine rollout Much slower, and the Trump administration has not achieved its goal of vaccinating 20 million Americans by the end of 2020. The expectation is the beginning of the United States. "They inherited a messy situation," the former Obama administration represented medical insurance and medical care. Andy Slavitt, the head of the subsidy program, told Politico. Politico pointed out that Biden pointed out: "I think they are discovering how serious the situation is. "Whether Biden's proposal to reach the 100 million vaccination target will depend on further COVID-19 relief legislation, has previously said that "if Congress provides" additional funding, state and local governments, "we will be able to achieve this difficult Confidence goal. But Politico wrote that some people in the transition period “questioned whether Biden’s first pandemic pledge had too much confidence in the Trump administration.” Allies warned that transitional government officials “violated Biden One of the most important political consequences of one of his first major promises.” Read more on for more stories. What is "Blue Life" is always about the wrong choice of Democrats to impeach Mike Peng What should Si learn from Judas

What happened to Kim Yoo Jong, the influential sister of the North Korean leader? U Kyungse, an analyst at the Korea National Unification Research Institute in Seoul, said that there are rumors that Kim Yo Jong is her brother’s heir, which may cause danger because it “triggers Kim Jong Il’s internal control of power and health issues in North Korea.” He said this is why Kim Jong Un has slowed down the growth of power.

The 33-year-old Navy veteran Jacob Anthony Angely Chansley refused to take the anthrax vaccine when he was in the Navy.

Do this instead of buying expensive solar panels. Definitely a genius. The plan angered the power company.

His lawyer said that he had been receiving death threats and wanted to "want to go home"

A Biden transitional official told Reuters on Tuesday evening that Moncef Slaoui, the chief adviser of Operation Twisting, had resigned, but will serve as an adviser in the upcoming Biden administration. Four weeks. CNBC's report said that it is expected that after January 20, the role of Slaoui leading the government in developing a COVID-19 vaccine will be reduced. CNBC stated that the Biden team did not require Sloy to continue to perform his current contract, which includes a 30-day notice before the termination of the contract.

Billionaire casino tycoon and Republican super donor Sheldon Adelson (Sheldon Adelson) died at the age of 87 on Monday night. Sheldon is true to his family, his country, and everyone who knows him. "Sheldon Adelson not only realized the American dream, but also realized it. A philanthropist whose generosity has no limits and helped shape countless worthwhile causes; and a person who changed A businessman with countless lives."

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Howard Liebengood, 51, has been with the Congressional Police since 2005. He was the second police officer to die after the rioters took over the Capitol last week.

Federal agents see wooden personnel carrying fur capes and riots and face charges

The University of Chicago expressed grief over the death of 30-year-old doctoral student Yiran Fan. A student from China was killed by a gunman in a shooting on Saturday afternoon. "Random" victims: Fan was shot while sitting in a car in the East Hyde Park parking lot. He was at least three victims shot by a shooter that day. He was later determined to be 32 years old. WGNTV reported that the old Jason Nightengale is. Fan Zheng studied at the University of Chicago through a joint course between the Booth School of Business and the Kenneth Griffin Department of Economics.

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The chaos that occurred on Capitol Hill last week has caused alarm among boards of directors around the world. This may be the last straw for at least one bank. The New York Times said that Deutsche Bank has decided not to do business with Donald Trump. The German company is the largest lender to the President of the United States and has defaulted on loans of approximately $340 million to the Trump Organization. That is his umbrella team, currently in charge of his two sons. Deutsche Bank or the Trump Organization did not immediately comment on this report. But the head of the bank’s US operations condemned the violence in Washington in an article on LinkedIn last week. Reuters reported in November that Deutsche Bank is seeking to sever ties with Trump. Tired of all the negative publicity that this relationship brings. Trump's bank loans were used for golf courses in Miami and hotels in Washington and Chicago. The president was left out of the world by golf this week. The governing bodies of the sport in the United States and the world said they would avoid his courses for future events.

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The congressmen listened to warnings from two experts, who warned that another immunity would be granted to the general who has just retired.

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The IRS said that after the initial problems, it is providing taxpayers with more second rounds of relief. Although there is no exact frequency to measure how often this happens, the National Consumer Law Center estimates that as many as 20 million Americans may be affected by this administrative issue. Many tax preparation companies say they can solve these problems.

Lauren Blair Bianchi said: "I thank Senator Cruz for the opportunity and hope he and his first-class employees will ask for nothing." Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) The director of communications announced his resignation after a fatal incident in the U.S. Capitol. According to Punchbowl News, Lauren Blair Bianchi, who has been working with Cruz since July 2019, shared a brief statement revealing her decision to resign.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo cancelled his trip to Europe at the last minute. Pompeo was originally scheduled to go out on Tuesday, but according to Reuters, Luxembourg’s foreign minister and several senior EU officials refused to meet with him. Before going to Brussels, the secretary was supposed to meet with his colleagues in Luxembourg.

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When President Donald Trump said that there were "very good people" on both sides of the white supremacist rally, Republicans only offered mild reproaches. Trump is expected to weaken his position in his party this Wednesday, when the House of Representatives is expected to condemn the President for instigating riots in the US Capitol last week. A handful of Republicans have said they will join this effort, and the number may increase as the vote approaches.

In Canada, a couple was stopped by a woman and "'s" her husband on the dog's head. The couple was fined 900 pounds each. The wife, who did not want to be named, tried to argue with the police that she did not violate the coronavirus regulations because she could curfew to walk the dog. “The Provincial Government of Quebec allowed one of them to be tied together under an exception under the curfew law. She said she would take her dog and point her partner for a walk,” a spokesperson for the local police department. The couple are from Sherbrooke, Quebec. According to the Toronto Sun, the woman is 24 years old and her partner is 40 years old. Quebec imposed a curfew last Saturday from 8 pm to 5 am. During this period, locals are only allowed to go out for limited reasons, such as going to a hospital or walking dogs within 1 kilometer from home. Only one hour after the first curfew was imposed, the couple was stopped by police at about 9 pm on Saturday night. The police said the couple tried to use the "dog" excuse to prove that their outing was correct, adding that the couple was "uncooperative." The couple was fined C$1,546 (£893) for violations. The couple said that when facing officials, the couple expressed “happy” and “will not prevent them from breaking the rules in the future, they will see how many votes they can get,” the number of Covid cases in Canada in the past two months rapidly increase. So far, 1,086 people have died in the country.

Some Australian scientists suggested postponing the use of AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine for mass vaccination in order to consider another vaccine. Questions surrounding the vaccine have raised doubts in Australia. The vaccine only recorded a local case of the new coronavirus on Wednesday. Its immunization plan has cast a shadow over its immunization plan. 53 million doses of AstraZeneca have been ordered. According to data cited by experts, the efficacy of AstraZeneca's prick is 62%, while the efficacy of the vaccine developed by Pfizer and its partner BioNTech is more than 90%.

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