Martha Stewart's New Kids' School Furniture Line Is Smart, Thoughtful & So Sleek

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New year, new and exciting

news! Queen of All Things Home and Guidecraft (education and game creators) collaboration


, Used for designing novel and fashionable, cleverly designed furniture, aiming to improve children's home learning environment. The collection is appropriately named

—We love how thoughtful each piece is.

There are currently 24 ergonomic products suitable for the age of 5 to 15 years old (4 new Kitchen Helper products will be launched in March). The series includes desks, reading corners, storage systems, media consoles, corner cabinets, Bookcases, art centers, etc. They are available in two neutral colors: warm gray or soft white.

The series is described as a pioneer in the concept of children's home office space, providing children with furniture that can be mixed, matched and combined, which is meaningful for their own personal home study space. The series even includes multiple storage options designed to grow with children to meet their current needs

 Future needs. How convenient is that?

"We are very happy to work with Guidecraft, a true leader in children's furniture, to bring together a product that integrates learning, living, entertainment and media," said Carolyn D'Angelo, President of Marquee Brands' Home Furnishing Department. Prepared statement. "With our design rights in the family space and Guidecraft's expertise in children's furniture, we are able to create powerful and high-quality products at affordable prices, so that children can grow up for many years."

Alex Romano, Vice President of Marketing at Guidecraft, said the series aims to "enrich children's lives" and "build a bridge between children's living and learning spaces at home."

Romano said: "This is an exciting collaboration based on a common passion for designing products that can enrich children's lives." "The works in this series enable parents to design rooms for more learning and learning at home. Of children create an inspiring learning environment, which has become an increasingly important consideration for many who deal with uncertain school plans in the foreseeable future."

Currently, the site has 12 items for sale, with prices ranging from US$280 to US$560.

View the entire collection on


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From tableware to electrical appliances, from sofa to mattress.

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