Metropolitan Theaters Announced Reopening of Five Additional Theaters

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The Metropolitan Theatre Corporation (Metropolitan Theatre Corporation) announced that it will reopen 5 of its 16 theaters to provide safe and fun entertainment to moviegoers.

The reopened theater will now strengthen safety procedures in accordance with current local guidelines and raise awareness of the new measures in a three-step manner. Movie audiences will be informed of their expectations in the theater, and guests will be informed about the staff and guests' plans, as well as safety precautions for catering services in the theater.

President David Corwin said: "We are very happy to welcome guests back to the movie." David said: "The health and safety of guests remains our top priority. As we reopen the theater, We thank them for their trust and confidence in us."

The planned reopening dates for the five theaters are as follows:

August 20th-MetroLux 14 Theater at Centerra, Lovran, Colorado

August 28th-Isis Theater in Aspen, Colorado, Mustang Stadium Cinema in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Redstone Cinema in Park City, Utah, and Big Wood Cinema in Haley, Edward.

The theater’s security procedures are as follows:

The employee safety procedures are as follows:

Food and food safety procedures are as follows:



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The Metropolitan Theatre Company reopened two Lovran theatres on Tuesday, December 29, providing movie fans with the opportunity to continue the traditional holiday of watching movies on the big screen. MetroLux 14 Theater in Centerra

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