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How important is the desk in today's distance learning? Ask Woburn's mother, Laura Marston, who picked up the table and went home on Wednesday. She has a freshman in high school, an eighth grader, a fifth grader, a third grader and a first grader, all studying at home.

She said: "People are everywhere, and my youngest child is on the sofa, so I hope this will bring more motivation." "He is happy to put all of his things in one place instead of the whole place."

So far, Woburn has given out 140 desks, and Gloucester is doing the same.

Pat Hand, a teacher at O'Maley Innovation Middle School, teaches at home. She has seen Marston in many Zoom courses.

She said: "Many of them are lying on the bed. Some of them are lying in the kitchen with food on the table and animals around."

Not the classroom environment you mentioned. Therefore, Hande suggested that they give the family desk. The principal of the school, Lynne Beattie, attended the meeting.

Beatty said: "We have the Gloucester Education Foundation, and in every request we make, we will give strong support, so they can provide funds for the materials we need."

Engineering expert Dave Brown designed the desk and taught teachers and volunteers how to make the desk.

Dan Graham, a social worker at the school, said that desks are more than just furniture for children living in the coronavirus pandemic.

Graham said: "I wake up at any time, I have breakfast at the table, and suddenly I have to go to class, there is no room to specifically say'this is my study space'."

So far, Gloucester has sent 30 desks to the home, but they hope this number will increase as the news spreads.

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