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According to Twitterverse's left-hander, Hillsong is taking over Australia. Of the 22 cabinet members, 13 are from Hilson, which is a static meme-we will study the list.

There is no shortage of conspiracy theories about Hillson Church and the Liberal Party.

This statement has attracted people's attention.

This rumor probably started with this report.

I hope the Prime Minister has a prayer group, but we don’t know who it is, whether it is a member of Parliament or not.

Let's traverse this list and check whether these MPs participated in Hillsong or Pentecostal.

Prime Minister Morrison attended

, Located in Sutherland, New South Wales. It is the Pentecostal Church and part of the Australian Christian Church Network. Morrison attended many churches when he was young, including the Christian Life Center in Sydney, which was later renamed Hilson.

The Minister of Government Services Stuart Robert (Stuart Robert) is a Pentecostal. He participated

On the Gold Coast, his wife Chantelle

. Metro is a member of the Australian Christian Church.

Alex Hawke is the Minister of Immigration, Citizenship, Immigration Services and Multicultural Affairs. Although some media claimed that he participated in Hillsong, Hillsong insiders told

He was invited to participate in major events.

Jason Falinski is Chairman of the Taxation and Taxation Standing Committee-not in the Cabinet. He is a member of Mackellar in North Sydney and describes himself as a

Gladys Liu represents Chisholm voters in Victoria and is a backbencher. She is

Karen Andrews is the Minister of Industry, Science and Technology. He grew up as a Catholic, but his religion is currently unknown. (please help

Update this article. )

Kevin Andrews is in the back seat of Menzies, Victoria

. He has served as minister in the governments of Howard and Abbott.

Nicole Flint is a backbencher representing Boothby in Adelaide. She is a social conservative, but her religious beliefs are unknown.

Assistant Secretary of Defense Andrew Hastie (Andrew Hastie) grew up in the Presbyterian Church in Australia,

A FIEC (Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches) church in Canberra and his electorate at the intersection of the Peel Presbyterian Church in Mandurah.

Senator James Patterson of Victoria presides over several parliamentary committees. AFR described him as

He is a staunch supporter of the religious discrimination bill.

Christian Porter is the Minister of Labor Relations and represents Pearce in Western Australia. his

As the "Church of England". Porter said: "I'm not particularly religious, but that doesn't mean I don't believe in God. It may make me like many Australians. "

Assistant to the Queensland Senator Amanda Stoker is a

She participated


Backbencher Celia Hammond is a councillor from Curtin, Washington, and formerly the vice president of the University of Notre Dame. It can be seen from the university speech that she is a faithful Catholic.

Garth Hamilton represents the groom and is centered in Toowoomba, Queensland. In the LNP qualifiers, he defeated the famous Christian conservative David Van Gene. His religious beliefs are unknown... Readers please help us update this content.

In this "thirteen", we did not have regular Hillong participants, and the other two attended other Pentecostal churches. Only seven of this list are in ministry. Of these seven, two or three are Pentecostals.

This myth is shattered. If Scott Morrison tries to stack cabinet members with Helsongers, his job is terrible.

As previously reported


Believers join the Liberal Party. On the other hand, some branches of the party will boycott their membership. A kind

This is expected to be reflected in party membership to a certain extent.

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