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Many public schools in New South Wales have been transformed to adopt modern learning methods and are ready to open their doors to students today.

These schools include Armidale Middle School (pictured), Ballina Coast High School and Arthur Phillip High School.

The new innovative Ballina School opened in 2019, with 63 new classrooms, ready to accommodate more students, and six outdoor learning spaces.

The school is known for its impressive indoor sports and community center, with four sports fields open to the public.

As a community, Ballina has benefited from this joint use project, which is the first such project in the New South Wales region.

Going further south, the first high-rise public high school stands tall. This 17-story school is enough to educate 2,000 students.

It has a flexible study space, adjustable furniture and room configuration.

Arthur Phillip's education is technology-driven, allowing for collaborative and personalized learning.

Armidale Middle School College (pictured) officially opened today and is now joining the state’s impressive list of schools, offering new and modern facilities.

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