NC Commerce: Governor Cooper Announces Nearly $13 Million in Rural Infrastructure Grants

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Governor Roy Cooper (Roy Cooper) announced today that the North Carolina Rural Infrastructure Administration (RIA) has approved 30 grant applications to local governments with a total amount of US$12,969,015. These requests include promises to create a total of 839 jobs, of which 464 were previously announced. Public investment in these projects will attract more than $528 million in private investment.  

Governor Cooper said: "The Rural Infrastructure Administration allocates funds to help our cities, towns and counties address critical infrastructure needs such as buildings, water and sewers, thereby attracting new high-paying jobs." "When we invest in rural communities, We are demonstrating that North Carolina is open to companies and its tools and labor can help companies compete on a global scale."

The North Carolina Department of Commerce's team of rural economic development professionals supports RIA's work. RIA members review and approve funding requests from the local community. Funding comes from various specialized grants and loan programs provided and managed by the NC Commerce Rural Economic Development Department, led by Kenny Flowers, Assistant Minister of Rural Development. Grants can support various activities, including infrastructure development, building renovation, expansion and demolition, and site improvement.

North Carolina Secretary of Commerce Anthony Copland said: "With the projects approved today, rural areas in North Carolina have new resources to help attract jobs, support business expansion and prepare for future growth." "Despite the pandemic, the Ministry of Rural Economic Development and RIA in our department have worked closely with local leaders this year to successfully promote economic growth opportunities."

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Divided into three categories:

The Building Reuse Program provides grants to local governments to renovate vacant buildings, renovate and/or expand buildings occupied by existing companies in North Carolina, and renovate, expand, or construct healthcare facilities, which will result in the first floor And the second level creates new jobs in 2 counties and 3 counties in the rural census area.

With federal funding from the state


The Community Development Block Grant Program is a US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) program, partly managed by NC Commerce. CDBG’s Economic Development Fund provides grants to local governments to create and retain jobs. Project funding is based on the number of jobs to be created and the degree of economic distress in the applicant community.


The Industrial Development Fund-Utilities Account provides grants to local governments located in the 80 most economically difficult counties in the state, which are classified as level 1 or 2. Funds can be used for projects that are reasonably expected to be used for public infrastructure. Lead to new job opportunities. IDF-Utilities Accounts are funded through processes related to the State's signature "Job Development Investment Grant" (JDIG) program. When a JDIG award-winning company chooses to locate or expand in the second or third tier counties, part of the JDIG award will be transferred to the utility account.

In addition to reviewing and approving funding applications, the NC Rural Infrastructure Administration has also formulated policies and priorities for grants and loan programs managed by the NC Commerce Rural Economic Development Team. Its 17 voting members are appointed by the Governor, the Speaker of the House and Pro Tem, the President of the Senate. The Secretary of Commerce of North Carolina is a member of the Authority ex officio.

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