New outdoor classroom gets kids excited to learn at Foust Elementary School |

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Greensboro, North Carolina-It looks a bit primitive, but this outdoor classroom is what Nicholas Dixon, the principal of Foster Elementary School, dreamed of.

Dixon said: "When I was a teacher, I often took my students outside and we did participate in some very powerful and engaging learning experiences." 

Therefore, when the pandemic hit, he knew it was now. He has a perfect area in school. He did some research and found a company that produces outdoor classroom furniture in Canada.

Then he got more good news. His school was accepted as a grant! The North Carolina Wildlife Commission funded materials worth $13,000 from Beinenstock, a Canadian company specializing in outdoor activities.

Dixon said classrooms would not exist without the hard work of the Guildford County School Maintenance and Facilities Department.

"They cleared the land. They covered it. They installed everything because it was really a collaboration in achieving this goal," Dixon said.

When it comes to what courses can be taught in space, Dixon said the possibilities are limitless.

"We feel that any type of instruction that is carried out indoors can of course be carried out outdoors. Our goal is to blur the line between outdoor education and indoor education." Dixon said.

In addition, he said: “We feel like a classroom without borders. You can learn in any environment. Any course can be taught outdoors. In fact, in natural habitats, children are more likely to participate in learning.”

He encouraged other schools to explore this type of classroom, especially considering that the time we live is COVID-19.

"This can happen anywhere. Therefore, I encourage every school if they can invest in outdoor classrooms. You will find that your children will participate, and your teachers will like to teach in this environment. The benefits are countless Of," he said.

Greensboro, North Carolina-For Page High School principal Erik Naglee, teamwork is the name of the educational game.

Nagley said: "The power of a leader is as strong as the team that works every day." "So I know there are many great leaders there, but you must have such a strong, great team, to support every day Enabling those with a vision to make a difference, make a difference and make a difference."

Burlington, North Carolina-For high school students who rely on hands-on learning to acquire trading skills, virtual learning poses many challenges.

But a woodworking teacher in Alamance County is becoming very creative, so his students can at least feel like they are in class when they are unable to learn.

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