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-TheatreSquared, a professional theater in northwest Arkansas, recently opened a new 50,000 square foot house in Fayetteville.

The new facility combines two state-of-the-art theaters, the company's first dedicated exercise space, offices, educational and community spaces, live workshops on scenery, props and costumes, eight dedicated guest artist apartments, and a three-story outdoor terrace , And an all-day cafe/bar located in the activity corner between Fayetteville City Center Plaza and the University of Arkansas campus.

The slab-shaped building concrete built by Baldwin & Shell packs two theater areas. The studio, rehearsal space and main stage are clearly visible from the street, so no matter where the observer stands outside, it is clear that the purpose of the building is to create and experience the live theater. The nearby trains caused great disturbance when using the former facilities. Therefore, the new theater was designed to be completely silent, from the 24-inch wall to the gap between steel and concrete to prevent vibration from passing through.

The projects designed to achieve sustainability exceed national standards, including remodeled building materials, full LED lights, on-site tree trimming furniture, enhanced debugging and efficient systems. At the back of the building, the outdoor terrace serving T2’s new dedicated guest artist apartment is constructed from recycled bricks from a 150-year old structure that was once located in the old Fayetteville warehouse nearby. Arkansas pine planks charred by Delta Millworks and Kebony Shou Sugi Ban modified wood form the facade of the building. After pouring the concrete, the pine wood is reused as interior decoration in the spring theater and rehearsal room.

Kebony is a sustainable wood that uses bio-based fluids to improve the quality and characteristics of wood. The cell structure is permanently changed, providing the wood with a capacity similar to tropical hardwood and a dark brown color. see

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