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Ben and Hilda Creed Nichols celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.

Ben and Hilda Creed Nichols, located at 880 Cadle Ford Road, Mount Airy, are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary on December 17. He is a farmer, a housewife and a hair stylist.

Ben and Hilda are the parents of Robin Benfield (Jim), Benny Nichols (Caroline) and Kenny Nichols (Tonya). They are also Tara Benfield, Candice (Cody) Simpson (Simpson), Jenna Benfield (deceased), Benjamin Nichols ( Benjamin Nichols (Nicole), Will Nichols (Katie), Sierra Nichols (Sierra Nichols) and Brooke Nichols (Brooke Nichols) grandparents; yes The great-grandparents of four great great-grandchildren are Amelia, Rhett, Ruilan, and Henry. Happy 60th anniversary.

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January 3, 2021

On January 6, Wednesday is Epiphany. Twelfth night, Old Christmas, Epiphany or Epiphany Day. That day was the day we celebrated the arrival of the wise man, who followed the star and took them to Bethlehem to a house where they found the newly-born Jewish king, who may be two years old by this time. According to the Gospel of Matthew, we do know that they came to a house, not a cow hole or a manger. We don’t know how many wise men there are. Many people believe that based on the three gifts they gave to Jesus, three of them are based. This number is not important because they have searched and found the Christ child.

Will January 2021 bring us a lot of snow? Can we expect a lot of white things in January? The New Year always has great opportunities and possibilities to bring us a few heavy snowfalls. Snowfall in January has many benefits and it will definitely brighten up the new year! It will also stimulate the interest of children and grandchildren, and spread a white blanket on the garden floor to kill overwintering insects, add nutrients to the soil and establish a groundwater table. It turned the landscape of January into a world of cotton candy and brought us a few days of fresh cream!

After blooming last month, the Christmas cactus rested. When they bloom in the sunny living room, all the cacti are beautiful. We are especially proud of the new red blooming in early December. When we enter January, we will remove all pollen and apply a layer of Flower-Tone organic flower food and inspect the leaves while the cactus continues to overwinter in the living room, where they are kept together with pandas and asparagus ferns . Snake factory. All they need is to drink a glass of water a week and a layer of floral notes once a month.

Even if we get the snowfall in January, there is still a lot of green in the garden. Even if it snows in January, there will still be a lot of greenery on the garden plot compared to snow white. The winter garden is decorated with kale, mustard, Siberian kale, onion wraps, broccoli, radishes and the greens of cabbage. They will pop out of 10-inch broken leaves, and snow will not cause adverse effects. Snow will only sweeten the green of the garden in winter.

Not noticed in January. At the beginning of January, I will receive a one-minute daytime gift every night without paying attention. It is too early to pay attention to the difference, but from now until June 21, we will stay one more minute every day. On the day of St. Valentine's Day, we will see some differences. Even in the longest months of winter, this is only a subtle sign of spring.

Red, white and pink decorate the shop. Only a month and a half away from Valentine's Day, signs of hearts, flowers, balloons, cards and candies can be seen in Walmart, Target, Lowe's, Food Lion and many other stores. The display of the flower shop implies that this is the season of lovers. After the cold in December and January, these brightly colored exhibits are a welcome sight in desolate areas. Take a moment to check out this week's Valentine's Show.

Recycle Christmas gift boxes, bows and ribbons. Now that all the Christmas decorations have been removed and stored, this is a great opportunity to collect all the boxes, bows, ribbons and containers wrapped with Christmas gifts, break them down and store them. For use throughout the year. Birthday, shower and next Christmas. You can use a large box to store ribbons and bows and Christmas bags. If you have Christmas gift wrapping paper rolls, please store them in the same box with bows and ribbons. Many stores still offer Christmas roll packaging at less than half the price.

Weeds pose a threat to the garden in all seasons. Due to winter, many weeds will not rest. Weeds that flourish throughout the year include duckweed, Bermuda grass, wild onions, nut grass, crab grass and other weeds. Quinoa has a very shallow root and can be easily removed, so it is easy to control. Bermuda grass grows throughout the winter and can be pulled up along its long root system. Make sure to throw it out of the garden to avoid sprouting again. When wild onions are assassinated in lawns and gardens, use a weed trimmer to cut them into zero to reduce their growth rate. The best way to control the week is two hands and ten fingers God gave you!

New year's recycling resolution. With the arrival of 2021, in the new year, make recycling work one of your priorities. The task of recycling can prevent many materials thrown into the garbage truck from filling up the landfill. You can do your part to protect the environment by recycling aluminum cans, plastic milk cartons, cardboard boxes, newspapers (bundled together), plastic bottles, aluminum foil plates, metal cans, glass cans, catalogs and phone books. Clean all cans and bottles and remove labels. For safety reasons, clean all cans and put lids in the cans and mash them.

When the new year begins, please check the 2021 seed catalog. The 2021 seed catalog has all arrived. With the end of the holiday, we can look at the seed products of the 2021 garden year. We can be sure that there are several new tomatoes worth trying in almost every season. The most important thing to remember when ordering from a seed catalog is to only buy those varieties that cannot be found locally in seed stores, nurseries and garden stores. Most seed catalog packages contain only 20 to 30 seeds. You must also pay for transportation, handling, and business taxes. One thing the seed catalog provides is the selection of a large number of cucumber and pumpkin varieties, and a large selection of flower seeds. Never buy seeds by looking at pictures (just like any packet of seeds you buy in a seed store or hardware store).

Get your 2021 Blum Yearbook. At the beginning of the new year, one thing you can do is buy the 2021 Blum Yearbook, which is their 193 edition. You can buy them at local hardware stores, supermarkets and bookstores. The annual calendar contains interesting articles, information, weather forecasts, recipes, fishing calendars, moon phases, astronomical events, lunar planting signs, solar eclipses, sunrise and sunset, moon rise and sunset, morning and evening stars, and planets visible in the night sky. Useful information throughout the year in a book.

Make chocolate cheesecake. This is a relaxed and rich chocolate cheesecake and a great recipe to start the new year. You will need:

2 cups crushed Oreo Chocolate Butter Cookies (run through a blender)

1/4 cup melted Crisco shortening

3 eight ounces softened cream cheese

14 ounces Eagle brand condensed milk

3 eggs

2 tablespoons vanilla

1 cup mini chocolate chips (divided)

1 teaspoon plain flour

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Combine cookie crumbs and melted Crisco. Place it in a 9-inch pan and press it down firmly to form a crust. In a large bowl, beat the cream cheese into a fluffy shape, then gradually beat into a smooth shape in the Eagle condensed milk. Beat eggs and vanilla. Pour half a cup of mini chocolate chips into the cheese mixture. Pour into the prepared pie crust and sprinkle the remaining chocolate chips on top. Bake for 55 minutes, until the center is firm. Cool and refrigerate for several hours. Keep leftovers cold.

Hoe-Hoe-Hoedown: "Miss Right Right"-Jamie: "Why did you go out with that simple Jane girl?" Wally: "Well, she is very different from all the other girls I have met. Jamie: "What's the big difference in her?" Wally: "The fact that she is willing to go out with me!" "Bite the bullet"-Doctor: "What does Xiaomi seem to be doing today?" Parents: "We think he Swallowed the bullet!" Doctor: "Oh my God, please stop pointing at me!"-Policeman: "Sir, I timed you 96 miles per hour. Is there any problem?" Driver: "Yes, I Forgot to insert the speed radar detector."

In the January 2021 calendar, New Year's Day is Friday, January 1. The moon reaches its final quarter on January 6. Epiphany is on January 6. Elvis Presley’s birthday is January 8. On January 13, Benjamin Franklins’ birthday was January 17. Martin Luther King’s birthday is January 18. January 20 is the first month. January 28 will be a full moon, and the name of this full moon will be "Full Moon Wolf".

December 27, 2020

If you are a child, you will automatically fall in love with snow, and you will have the opportunity to release snow during the holidays, be a snowman or snow angel, enjoy some ice cream or even snowball fights, and enjoy the "snow day" of the holiday. These are the benefits of snow in the eyes of children.

As gardeners and growth lovers, we need to keep our eyes open and pay attention to the benefits of winter snow. One fact is that the accumulation of snow insulates the vegetables, thereby protecting them from the cold breath of winter. Snow is heavy, and when it melts, it will bring moisture into the deep layers of the soil, thereby retaining moisture for a long time. Snow can also deposit nitrogen and other nutrients into the soil, which brings more benefits. In most cases, the snow will slowly melt, which makes it like a slow-release fertilizer. Snow also killed insects in the garden in winter, and destroyed their larvae and eggs.

All these benefits can have a long-term positive effect on the growth of vegetables in The Garden Plot, and I haven't mentioned the benefits of dormant lawns. An interesting fact is that not only does sunlight melt snow, but on cloudy days, the sun’s radiation also affects snow melting.

Before and after the snowfall, the expected earth seems to become very quiet, especially when the snowfall arrives before nightfall. With the excitement of the anticipation of snow, our own heartbeat quickened. After the snowfall, the earth becomes insulated, and we can actually hear the snow, just like the crackling, crackling and popping of a bowl of rice.

Sitting on the porch with a sled, covered with a blanket and a cup of hot coffee is a favorite winter sport for me. It is good for the soul, good for the body and immune system, good for The Garden Plot and the sleeping lawn.

Entering the new year, winter is coming. Now, we receive an extra minute of daylight every night. The night is getting colder and colder. Stay busy; do whatever you want, avoiding the blues and winter winds after Christmas. Get organized. Store your Christmas decorations and note the storage location to simplify next year’s decorations. Make a list of "to-dos" and follow up once a week in the new year.

Even though Christmas is over, we are still celebrating the season of Epiphany. This is the moment after the advent, and we remember the journey of the three wise men to Bethlehem. An interesting note: Jesus may have been two years old at the time of the visit. By the time they arrived, Jesus was already in the house, not in the cow hole. You should light up the Moravia Star every night before January 6th of Epiphany Day.

The torrent catalog keeps arriving: as the holidays approach, December brings the torrent catalog. Since December 1st, they have piled up like a mountain. I put my piles together so that I can browse them. It's time to sit down and see the new changes in the 2021 garden season. As usual, new varieties of tomatoes will be added to the ever-increasing existing inventory. Cataloging is easy, but only order seeds that you previously had good results or couldn't find in your local store.

Fresh vegetables in the garden should not only become a tradition on New Year's Day, but also a habit in winter. They are full of vitamins, calcium and other nutrients. When cooking a pot of green vegetables, add a few tablespoons of white Karo syrup and a bit of butter or margarine to add flavor. To increase the flavor, please add some diced radish. Use a food chopper to chop up the leaves and stems. The local product-Mrs. Campbell's Chow Chow Delicacy-is produced near Clemmons and sold locally in hot or mild versions. This is a great addition to your bowl of vegetables. This is a delicious product not only for vegetables, but also for hot dogs or hamburgers.

Speaking of green, you must have a square hot cornbread. This is a simple recipe that is suitable for green vegetables:

1 cup yellow cornmeal

1½ cups sour cream

1 cup plain flour

½ cup sugar

2 teaspoons baking powder

½ teaspoon baking soda

½ teaspoon salt

2 large eggs

½ butter, melted

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. In a large bowl, combine corn flour and sour cream. Let the mixture "set" for about 10 minutes. Spray 9×13 baking pan with Pam and set aside. Mix the next five ingredients together, then add the cornmeal mixture and beat into beaten eggs and melted butter. Mix well and pour the mixture into the pot, bake for about 25 minutes or until it turns golden brown (until the inserted toothpick is clean).

The halo is small, but the taste is excellent. This recipe uses them instead of ordinary Mandarin:

6-7 halo oranges, peeled and separated

1 3oz box orange jelly mix (dry)

1 14 ounces can crush pineapple and drain

1¾ cup cheese

1 bucket of cool whip

1 teaspoon orange seasoning

2 tablespoons sugar

Cut the "glow" part in half and mix with all other ingredients. Cover and refrigerate before serving.

This is an old English recipe that can warm you up in winter:

1 cup water

1 tablespoon apple pie spice

3 quarts orange juice

1 part cranberry juice.

Mix all the ingredients, simmer for 15 minutes and serve.

December 20, 2020

In the "Andy Griffith Show", there is a famous episode in which Barney Fife learns that he is no longer qualified to serve as a deputy.

According to the new state standards, representatives must be at least 5 feet 8 inches and weigh 145 pounds. Barney is a bit shy in both of these areas.

When Justin Jones of the Surrey Sheriff’s Office was in high school, the teenager would be far behind.

However, ten years ago, once this young man joined the department, no one would question Jones' ability to handle rough suspects.

You see, Jones is also the first two national wrestling champions.

In fact, his achievements on the mat are so impressive that this year he became the second wrestler ever to enter the Surrey Sports Hall of Fame, second only to the French champion Dennis France, the former Airy state champion. He is known for his outstanding work as a coach.

Eric Jessup had just worked as an assistant wrestling coach in North Surry for a year, and Kirk Martin resigned and the former Mount Airy High School wrestler was in charge of the team. His rookie season was the 2004-05 season of Jones' freshman.

Jessup said that he can't be praised for Jones' abilities, because this kid is very good as a freshman and has remained unbeaten throughout the season until the regional championships.

The coach recalled that Jones was named the top seed among freshmen in his 103-pound course. This is a lot of pressure for a child.

Jessup pointed out that the young man who made Jones lose for the first time was the one he was beaten twice earlier this season. However, the freshman had just had a difficult day, lost again, and was knocked out of the consolation before he was eligible for the state championship.

Jessup said: "Maybe this is a good thing, because he was very motivated just after he was out the next year." "I have never seen anyone come in like that." Jones participated in the regional championships and stayed in the sophomore year. Advance to the state championship game, then lost and won the silver medal.

Jones recalled that the name of the champion was Kyle Sampson. After the game, Kyle's coach stood up and shook hands with Jones. He told the sophomore that he had heard so much information about Jones that he put his hand on the videotape of the game. The coach and Sampson have been studying these tapes for two weeks.

Watching the videotape to prepare for a whole wrestler? Jones said that he had never thought of doing something like that.

Jessup said of his star wrestler: "That might also be the best thing for him, because then he will return to his junior year determination."

When other wrestlers experienced rapid growth and had to gain two or three weight classes, Jones stayed in the 103-pound division. He said he was so young that he didn't even need to lose weight before his senior year (diet and other weight-loss measures to control weight).

These two years of experience have enabled the 103-pound person to make a difference. Sometimes this is talented but inexperienced.

Jones experienced heavyweight torment in both his junior and junior seasons, winning the state championship in both years.

Jessup said that today, state competitions are subdivided from 1A to 4A by school size. 1A wrestlers never confront 3A or 4A wrestlers.

Jessup said that Dennis France was awarded the national title in 1977, and there was no division by size at the time. He took over the children in all four departments in his senior year.

The coach said that there may be 150 or 160 schools in the state that provided wrestling services. By the mid-2000s, when Jones appeared, there were many schools with only two smallest classes. Therefore, the state combines 1A and 2A into one category.

Jessup said Jones was the only state champion in the region to win 1A/2A twice.

By the time he finished his work, Jones had accumulated a lot of achievements.

He has won four league honors, four conference championships, three state finals, two state championships and a top 25 ranking in the United States by "American Wrestling" magazine.

He set a record loss of 144-8 won. Jessup said this broke North Surry's career victory record (which has since been broken) and remains the highest percentage of career wins in school history.

What makes this young man so outstanding?

"He is absolutely tenacious; it's like letting go of an animal in a cage." Jessup said. "He does it the same way in practice. In the past four years, he has never missed a day of practice." He added that Jones also had a perfect attendance rate for four years.

"I have kids who work hard," the coach said. "I have never worked harder alone."

As for his physical skills, Jones is fast and strong, Jessup said. With these talents and his professional ethics, Jones repeatedly practiced signature moves. This move is called the "high c pull down" and became unstoppable.

In his senior year that year, Jessup considered Jones' area to be the toughest in the state. It did not slow down the growth of the elderly.

The coach said that he nailed the star wrestler within about 50 seconds in the semifinals. In the state finals, Jones exhausted another child. not yet. He won eight or nine points.

Jessup said that he is also a great leader. One day, the coach walked into the gym and watched the veteran star wipe the mat.

He said that this is usually a job for freshmen who have not yet started, but this is an incumbent national champion role model.

"Some kids have lost their headgear?" Here, use mine. ""

In just eight losses in four years, Jessip blamed one of them.

Jessup said: "I had to increase his weight a few times to help the team."

In a game, it is important that North Surry cannot give up one of the best wrestlers in the state with 112 pounds. Jessup put Jones against a talented opponent, who had a weight advantage of about 10 pounds.

Jones lost, but he was not nailed-which meant a three-point difference from the team total, which allowed North Surrey to win. Jones was not frustrated because he wanted the team to succeed.

Jones graduated in 2008 and knew what he wanted to do. But he had to wait a while.

He wants to participate in "basic law enforcement training", but the rule is that all students must be 20 years old when they graduate.

Jones waited until he was 199.5 years old and didn't finish class until he knew he was 20.

He said that there are currently vacancies available to fill at the Mount Airy Police Station, but in 2010 there were more graduates than available jobs.

The city’s public works department’s landscaping chemicals provided him with income, and he complained to Sheriff Graham Atkinson every week about any vacancies that might appear.

He said it took about seven months, but his perseverance paid off.

The first job was only part-time, and the city did not allow him to divide time between work and the sheriff's office.

He said: "I have a chance to quit my job in this city." Two months later, he was promoted to a full-time position.

At that time, the 20-year-old young man was still living at home. If it were not for free renting, he said he could not afford part-time work and wait for two months.

Since entering the department, Jones has improved the level of training. He listed some of his achievements:

Serving as a detention officer for basic and intermediate certification, basic law enforcement, SWAT certification, school resource officer certification, and training for many equipment and weapons.

Jones (Jones) has been in prison for a few years and now serves as the second-year school resource officer at Surry Central High School.

He admitted that sometimes this can be an unfavorable environment. Prisoners have made mistakes in their lives and have embarked on a bad path, and they are seldom interested in listening to any advice to reverse the situation.

He said that in high school, “you can stop them before they go the wrong way. You can say something that affects their lives.” Teenagers are more likely to listen.

He added that the situation this year is different from last year. Half of the students can study remotely at home, so there are not many people around. And because of the rules of social distancing, he cannot directly deal with children.

He pointed out that there is a cone with yellow warning tape in the middle of the corridor, which separates the students when they move around. The teacher and the students go to the cafeteria together, sit in their room, and watch them at lunchtime.

Nevertheless, he still enjoys working in the department and plans to continue working in the next few years.

Jessup said he would love to see Jones finally move to North Surry two years after the long-term SRO Delinda Rowley (DRO) retires. Then, maybe he can persuade Jones to take over and coach the wrestling team.

Jones said this may have been a goal. He even coached the Meadowview Magnet Middle School team for four years.

However, in 2012, he married Ashley and now they have two daughters: Ansley and Adley. Family life and his work will not give him free time to counsel.

So where will he see himself ten years from now?

Jones smiled. Sheriff Atkinson asked this question during a job interview 10 years ago. Jones answered honestly that he finally sat down in Graham's seat.

Currently, sheriff Steve Hiatt has two years left in his term, and he also talked about running twice. That will retire Chief Hiat for 10 years. By then, Jones will have 40 years of experience and will be 41 years old. He still missed the idea of ​​running for sheriff.

If he tries to persevere and pursue excellence as hard as he is seeking an agent position, then don't count on him.

Angels do not wear halos or wings like we do on Christmas cards. In the Bible times, when people saw angels, they first thought that they were ordinary people. Only after they met did they realize that the angels visited them.

A few years ago, my wife and I encountered such an encounter on Interstate 40 near Moxville, when he came back from visiting friends near Stasville. The water pump failed on our vehicle and the temperature gauge was out of limit. There is no gas station on that interstate highway, so we got off at the rest area. No more than we stopped another car parked next to us. When our car was sending out steam, the man asked if he could help. I told him I thought it was a water pump. He opened the suitcase and took out a gallon of antifreeze. (He said he always puts a gallon in the car.) He poured it into our radiator and then filled our radiator with water. He told us to drive home quickly-without worrying about speed limits or other delays-everything will be fine.

We thank him and follow his instructions. When we entered the lane, turned off the engine and got off the car, to our surprise, the lane was filled with water he poured into the radiator.

This person told me that he was from Gastonia, but for us, he was a messenger from heaven.

Christmas is the time to discover lost things, repair broken things and rekindle hope. May your Christmas angel be real to you and bring messages of love, joy, peace, hope and kindness.

On the early morning of Christmas week, you will see ice crystals on the leaves in the garden, making them look like garlands. The spikes of green onions make them look like candles. The heads of broccoli were covered with frost, and the morning sun reflected them, looking like tiny Christmas lights. The top of the radish looks like a purple ornament this week. It's all beautiful things.

You can buy Christmas candy hard candies in 12-ounce bags in most stores and markets. I like the ribbon type, or like the circular parts of the image of Santa Claus, snowman, candle, Christmas tree, etc. They all become the center of the candy in some way. (Even when I was a kid in the 1950s, I wanted to know how they took pictures in candies!) The working principle of these candies is telling because they don’t stick together like we did when we were kids. It is both the taste of Christmas and the "look".

Of course, grandma is crowded in the plain shotgun house in Northampton County in eastern North Carolina. Grandma has her feather bed in the living room, and the two bedrooms each have two beds for other adults. The spacious kitchen floor is full of pallets, making the whole house a sleeping place. Another problem with this situation is that there is no bathroom in the house. The outhouse is only 50 feet away from the house, which is a challenge for the children. Most parents try to solve this problem by ensuring that their children are taken to the outhouse before going to bed. What’s interesting is that in the 21st century, when families have multiple bathrooms, some of us forget how far we have gone and how much we paid for it for granted-hot water, tap water, indoor plumbing, electricity and gas heating, Lighting, scope, computers, televisions, appliances and gadgets that make our lives easier-the list is endless. One thing is certain: since all these beds are filled with kinfolk and the floor is full of trays for children, everyone is closing on Christmas!

Cedar is still the midstream tay pillar of the Christmas tree in eastern North Carolina because there are many trees there. An unforgettable smell is the cedar tree decorated with Christmas lights, because its temperature is high enough to make it smell like a cedar-lined hope box. The longer the tree is illuminated, the stronger the smell.

When I was growing up, eggnog has always been a Christmas tradition, because my father always took something with him during Christmas. I think the best vest is Sealtest, which is still popular in supermarkets. My father thought the eggnog from the carton was too rich. He always mixes a quarter of a cup of egg yolk with three quarters of a cup of milk. This makes the eggnog thinner, but it also brings a taste that reminds me of my father. My uncle likes to get eggs and eggnog from grandma’s chicken coop, plus Gaisberg Brandy from Brunswick County, Virginia. After Santa Claus arrives, we will walk to the front porch, enjoy the tranquility, and take a bite of eggnog.

Boil two bags of Minute Rice (or Success Rice) and add eight ounces of cream cheese. After cooling, pour in a large can of crushed pineapple (drained), 1/4 cup of sugar, 2 cups of micro marshmallows, 1 cup of seedless grapes, a small can of red and green maraschino (drained), 2 tablespoons Mayonnaise, a jar of thinly sliced ​​peaches (drained) and ½ cup chopped pecans. Mix together, then add a pint of light cream. Refrigerate overnight before serving.

I hope all readers have a happy and joyful Christmas, and all the blessings of love and happiness fill your heart and family. The gift of love is the core of Christmas. Among all gifts, love is the best vest!

December 16, 2020

Advent week 3: Happy candles. When I rely on you to be my outstanding advisor, my Almighty God, my eternal father and my prince of peace, let joy flood into me.

Westfield Friends Church will hold a drive through Christmas event from 5pm to 7pm on December 19th.

Les Hunter's Christmas decorations are ready to be picked up-the elf is on the shelf in Pilot Hill! Please call 336-351-5049 to place an order.

Hayley Sawyer will turn 5 years old on December 14. Her parents are Eric and Ashley. Happy birthday, Hailee!

Mary Romine organized a group of family and friends to watch the festival’s country Christmas at the Wolffart House Dinner Theater in Westville, Virginia. The food is delicious, the musical is great, and the fellowship is very enjoyable. Mary put Christmas bells on everyone, Mary and the musical started the Christmas spirit!

The Westfield Volunteer Fire Station and Family Dollar Store in Westfield will host Christmas toy tours. From now until December 22, please put your donated toys in the Family Dollar trash can in Westfield.

Westfield Baptist Church will hold a Christmas ceremony at 10:30 am on Friday, December 25th, which will be held in the upper parking lot.

The Westfield Grill restaurant will be closed from December 24th to 26th. It will reopen on Monday, December 28. Gift certificates can be used for Christmas stockings.

Francisco Volunteer Fire Department chicken stew will be held on January 30 (Saturday). Please order 336-351-2696 now. Order only in advance, and only pick up between 2pm and 4pm. The price per quart containing biscuits and desert is $10/quart.

Please continue to pray for healing.

December 13, 2020

An "old-fashioned" Christmas is closer than you think: just find a regular store or a country store. For example, John Brown's shop on Highway 66 north of King has many traditional items that are hard to find in "big box" shops.

Our favorites include the ones on Main Street in Mount Airy, where there are hardware stores, candy stores, specialty stores and many great places!

Along the Cana Interstate, cross Highway 52, along the way is Virginia Produce, an old country store where you can buy fruits and vegetables by pound or box. Old-fashioned candies are packed in wooden barrels, you can bag them yourself or buy packed candies. (It's just a very old-fashioned thing to pick them from the bucket and put them in a kraft paper bag!)

They have all the candies that your parents and grandparents used to fill Christmas candy bags when you were a child: orange slices, BB sticks, ribbon candies, candies, chewing gum, candy bars, Toosie Rolls, smokeless beer barrels-all to bring back Christmas memories Favorite.

Winston-Salem has two general stores, the Mast General Store on Liberty Street and WG White (aka Ronnie) on Cherry Street. (Ronnie's Country Store) (There are white country ham and other fresh cut meats). Of course, shops in the Cracker Barrel area provide a lot of these second-hand goods.

The sights, sounds and smells of these special shops make them a place to bring children and grandchildren, letting them see what old-fashioned Christmas is. You might even find a bottle of soda that can be pulled out of the ice box!

Frost has not yet taken control of the garden in mid-December, so the Garden Plot is still mass-produced because you provide a blanket of crushed leaves for protection. The greens of Siberian kale, shallots, radishes, broccoli, kale and mustard not only provide one of the colors of Christmas, but also provide a good taste in winter. Another green benefit is the Carolina Jasmine, which has amber flowers. And, although we don't like wild onions, we will keep them for now, just because they add a welcome green.

It's great to put some green things in the house in winter. You can start with daffodils in the kit found in most garden sections of your local store in December, which contains most of the things you need in the kit. Amaryllis can also be purchased through the kit.

If you need extra green, put the sweet potato in the water in the vase to let it germinate. If they are in a sunny place in the house, they will run out on the vase.

There is a weather legend that says: "When the stars do not flicker in winter, snow will begin to fall." Due to the cold high altitude, stars always flicker in winter. In summer, when the temperature rises, the stars do not seem to flicker that much. Regardless of the legend, when the temperature is high, the conditions are ripe and severe snowfall may occur, such as the 14-inch snowfall we got in December 2018.

The decorations of Mother Nature are usually louder than those purchased in stores and certainly show more thought and effort. You can find many things in your backyard. Now that most trees have left their leaves, it is easy to find bird nests. Some decorations are more artistic and durable than others. The best seems to be those woven with straw and grass. Clean the inside and spray several coats of varnish on the nest. (You might add some plastic eggs in a hobby/handicraft store.) Other good choices are red Nandan berries, honeysuckle vines, pine cones, boxwood green leaves or even large acorns.

Growing up on Christmas Eve morning, an oak fire was lit under the huge black cast iron washbasin. In the pot is the ham that will cook all morning, Peanut City, Virginia. From morning to afternoon, the ham was removed from the pot to cool, and my father filled the pot with fresh kale from the winter garden. "Ham water" is the perfect seasoning for our kale. Traditionally, Christmas and even dinner consist of fried oysters, kale, cornbread and coconut cake; ham is Christmas day!

This is a great recipe for Christmas, and it's easy to prepare:

1 gallon of apple or white grape juice

1 packet of Kool-Aid, pink lemonade

1 cup sugar

2 2 liter bottles of Canadian dry ginger beer

Mix Kool-Aid and sugar in water, then add juice. Chill in the refrigerator overnight. When serving, add half of the juice mixture to a bottle of ginger juice. (If you put it in a perforated bowl, you can make an ice ring by pouring the third bottle of ginger juice into a test tube pan and freezing it overnight.)

This recipe also makes Christmas a great gift idea:

3 cups skimmed milk powder (for example, carnations)

2 cups of instant cocoa powder (I use Quik from Nestle)

½ cup of non-dairy coffee creamer (e.g. Coffee-Mate)

¾ cup sugar

Mix the ingredients and pour into a jar with a sealed lid. To serve, mix one-third cup of chocolate mixture with one cup of boiling water. To make them a gift, please fill the jar with bows. (Another clever trick is to put some mini marshmallows in a zipper bag and tape them to the jar; this way, if the recipient chooses, they can enjoy the marshmallows in hot chocolate. You can also Write instructions on the bag.)

December 6, 2020

Christmas trees are now available in many stores. When you buy the right tree for your house, please take the children with you so that they can get a "learning experience" when choosing the ideal choice. Please follow the tips below:

●The trees should be conical, without exposed spots, and be bright green in color.

●Pump the tree to the ground. If the needle falls, do not buy it.

● Bend some branches to see if they will bounce back.

●Ensure that the tree has a fresh aroma, because this is the whole meaning of a living tree.

●Check the cutting end of the tree, this will tell you how long it has been since the tree was cut.

● Ask the person next to the tree to cut a few inches from the bottom.

●After going home, soak it in a bucket for 24 hours, and then fix it on the shelf.

●Use a shelf that can add water around the roots.

●When you are away, please do not let the lights on the trees light up.

●Be careful not to put gifts near the tree (or on the branches).

Most people think that the Christmas tree decorated by the Peanuts on "Charlie Brown Christmas" is the ugliest. But the ugliest place I have ever seen is the gas station on Roanoke Avenue in the rapids of Roanoke, a small town in eastern North Carolina in the 1950s. It was set up by the local hawker Jesse Allen, who sold everything including the kitchen sink. His Christmas sideline is to sell the red heart cedar he harvested by the Roanoke River. (At the time, the preferred tree in eastern North Carolina was cedar; my mother said that only the rich could afford fir and metasequoia.) A tree caught my eye: He sprayed the tree with pink paint. We watched every day after school to see if he had sold the pink tree, but on Christmas Eve, I saw Jesse load the tree in the back of his truck. It should have entered the ugly Christmas tree hall of fame!

At this time of year, Turkey Hill always features several interesting flavors of its ice cream, such as eggnog, pumpkin pie, mint sticks or red velvet cake. I have always wondered why Turkey Hill did not produce a crispy peanut flavor in its series of Christmas specialties (maybe this year!). I remember peanuts are crispy and sticky. In our Christmas candy bags, peanut brittle always sticks to oranges and apples. Today's peanuts are more delicate, and the flour is sprinkled with fine dust to prevent it from becoming so sticky. America’s best wines are made by old leaders in Norfolk, Virginia, a region near the peanut capital of Suffolk, Virginia. Find it in Ingle's, Food Lion, Dollar General and other markets. But be careful, because it can be addictive!

Some of the sweets I grew up living up to today are Christmas: chocolate cream drops, peanut crisps, orange slices, coconut macaroons, rainbow ribbons, peppermint sticks and glue drops. Many only show up at Christmas. At this time of year, Chocolate Creme Drops can be found in many stores, including Dollar General. For a long time, some of these cone-shaped dark chocolate drops have been placed during the Christmas season, especially knowing that it can only be used for a limited time.

A winter green, orange and blanket on the front porch-this is a great way to celebrate the beginning of Advent. There is a gap in the air on the front porch, but the sky is Carolina blue. The blanket helps to warm us because we enjoy the forward-looking nature of Christmas, stuffing holly sticks and a cup of coffee into oranges. Holly has a special Christmas flavor that reminds us of our grandmother, who received oranges and candies in a remote area of ​​Northampton County in the early 1900s. Simple life is important, especially as Christmas approaches, many people make simplification complicated.

Grandma's firewood stove is very big, and the kitchen is always warm in summer or winter. She never "heats" food because she always puts something in the large incubator built into the top. There is always coffee, biscuits or cornbread. At Christmas time, aromas such as roast chicken, kale, bread, cakes and pies fill not only the kitchen but the whole house. One of the Christmas scenes is the fresh smell of Florida oranges, which is the main item in each candy bag and the snack bag distributed in our church on the Sunday night before Christmas.

Now, there are many Christmas cacti in the garden area. December is the best time to buy it because they should be in full bloom at this time of the year and you can choose the color you want. Once the cactus comes home, plan to repot it, because the cactus is likely to have begun to take root. Purchase a larger container and a bag of cactus potting soil. Place the cactus in a semi-sunny place and water it every 7-10 days. Fertilize with Miracle-Gro cactus food every 15 days. Then in late April, you can move the cactus to the porch or terrace.

Monday, December 7, is the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Not only should we always remember the people who lost their lives and the families that suffered on that fateful "Day of Shame", we should also be determined that as a nation, we should never let us relax our guard, nor be complacent or indifferent. When I think of President Franklin Roosevelt’s famous speech to Congress, I think of his urging Americans to celebrate Christmas even in that very difficult time. The President renovated the White House as usual, setting an example. (Someone once said "Leaders must not only be tact, but also honest". This is President Roosevelt.)

Hanukkah begins tonight at sunset. There will be a new moon on Monday, and at the end of the month, on December 29, there will be a full moon called the "full moon." Winter officially begins on December 21, and Christmas is Friday this year.

Hailey Amanda Kirkman and Maverick Cole Griffith and their families announced their engagement and are about to get married.

The bride-to-be is the daughter of Chris and Holly Guthrie of Scroggins, Texas. She is the granddaughter of the late Treva Gray Kirkman. She is the niece of Mark and Timothy Kirkman, Daphne Wright and Joyce Brintle.

The groom-to-be is the son of Jameson and Bronica Griffith of Mount Vernon, Texas. The bride-to-be is a graduate of Texas A&M University and has a degree in veterinary medicine and biomedical sciences. The groom-to-be is a graduate of Texas A&M Dental College.

The wedding is scheduled for noon on December 13th at The Wildflower in Emory, Texas.

December 5, 2020

This decoration can be seen on Franklin Road opposite the Golden Corral.

This house is located near Old 601 Village near the White Plains Volunteer Fire Station.

The house is located at the intersection of Franklin Road and Forrest Avenue.

November 29, 2020

We know that we have just celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday and the Christmas peak has begun, but why can't we keep the idea of ​​Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving at least in November? We need elements and attitudes of gratitude instead of getting all the blessings of life for granted. Having a grateful heart is a factor that may increase many good times in our lives.

Radish is a root crop. As we approach the end of November, the soil around the radish is getting colder and colder. Even if there may be broken leaves between the rows, it is best to apply more leaves on top of it to ensure that the radish harvest can last through the winter without freezing the radish. With this extra layer of insulation, radishes can be harvested throughout the winter.

Boil a pot of radishes and take a break with the rich diet on the Thanksgiving table. Repair turnips like mashed potatoes. Peel the radishes and cut them into half-inch chunks, then boil them until they are soft enough to get a fork in easily. Drain the liquid and save it as a "pot oil" soup or sauce. Use a blender to stir the radishes until the cream is smooth, then add sugar, salt and pepper, and margarine to season the radishes. Add a little milk to moisten the grated radish. For the "pot oil" soup, boil the radish liquid, add a cup of milk, a stick of light cream margarine, salt, pepper and a tablespoon of sugar. Cook for two minutes. In a cup of cold water, add three tablespoons of cornstarch and stir until creamy. Pour one ounce into the liquid at a time until the liquid reaches the level you want (regarding the consistency of the gravy). Pour in grated radish or mix cornbread in "licker".

On Friday, November 27th, we celebrated St. Catherine’s Day. She has some knowledge of the weather in her day, and it says that in her day, if the weather is sunny or bad, it will look like the whole month of February 2021. It sounds good, but November is a far cry from the severe cold of February. In November, we may have some cold days, but no deep freezing nights or heavy snow, which is a sign of February. Catherine’s predictive rumors sounded more like an old woman’s wife than a credible weather legend.

The gift of potted Christmas cactus will be a constant gift. Christmas cacti are now found in the garden departments of Home Depot, Lowe's, Wal-Mart, Food Lion and Lowe's Foods and many nurseries. Their price ranges from $5 to $10, depending on the size you buy. If you want to buy them as gifts, please continue to buy larger containers and a bag of cactus culture. Take it home and transplant it into a larger container in a sunny area of ​​the house. When you are ready to give it as a gift, wrap the Christmas foil and bow around the container. Water once a week until you send it away.

Take a large sweet potato left over from Thanksgiving, put it in a tall vase or a quart mason jar, and fill it with water. The potato will soon germinate and send out runners, producing dark green leaves spreading from the vase or jar. As Christmas approaches, they will create a welcome green atmosphere in the room.

Today is the first Sunday of Advent. No other Christmas decoration is as simple and beautiful as the Moravian Star, because it sparkles on the cold winter night of Advent. They should shine tonight and every night (preferably all night) until Epiphany Day on January 6. Moravian stars are easy to assemble and can be purchased at the Moravian Bookstore, Gullian's, Salem gift shop on the boulevard of Winston Hanes Shopping Center. -Salem invests in a star and becomes part of your Christmas decorations. They are packed in sturdy boxes and give beautiful Christmas gifts, especially to relatives and friends who live outside of our state. In order to make Moravia's stars shine all night, you symbolically lit the way for the Son of Christ.

A great way to celebrate the beginning of Advent. There is a gap in the air on the front porch, but the sky is Carolina blue. The blanket helps to warm us because we enjoy the forward-looking nature of Christmas, stuffing holly sticks and a cup of coffee into oranges. Holly has a special Christmas flavor that reminds us of our grandmother, who received oranges and candies in a remote area of ​​Northampton County in the early 1900s. Simple life is very important, especially when Christmas is approaching, many people complicate simplicity.

As we approached the end of November, our thoughts turned to decorating houses for Christmas. Some natural decorations can be found in your own backyard or garden. Dogs have a lot of red berries, and Nantan bushes also have them. Pine trees are filled with cones, honeysuckle vines are filled with greenery and Carolina jasmine. The limbs of cedar, pine and boxwood can be used as green plants. You can also collect acorns and paint them in red, white and green. Pecans, peanuts and walnuts can be used as decorations. In the Williamsburg colony, they used a lot of apples and oranges as decoration. Popcorn can be popped and worn on the yard or st, and used to trim trees, mantle and tables.

The cold air in late November indicates that Northampton County in northeastern North Carolina is killing time. One of the by-products is the extraction of lard from pig fat. My grandmother always uses a huge black iron washbasin outdoors for the following things, and below is an Oakwood stove. When the lard is boiled from the fat called "crack", the task will take half a day. When slaughtering pigs, even if they are rich in cholesterol, they are considered a treat. Grandma always made crackers and cornbread and spread them around sweet potatoes baked on the fertile soil of Northampton County. These sweet potatoes come out of the hot wood stove oven and are filled with sweet brown juice. When we were young, we liked to eat a small amount of crispy skin.

We are very happy that some of the sweets that we grew up with survived this Christmas today. Snacks such as chocolate cream drops, peanut brittle, orange slices, candy bars, coconut macaroons, Christmas soft and hard centering mixture, rainbow ribbon, mint bars, holly, lemon, cherry, strawberry, spearmint, lime and grapes, spices And Gumdrops. Many only show up at Christmas. You can find many items in downtown Mount Airy stores, most general stores in Winston-Salem, Ronnie's County stores in Cana, Virginia, and many special hardware stores.

"It's late, and one dollar is missing"-the one-dollar bill meets the twenty-dollar bill, "Hey, where have you been? I haven't seen you for a long time." The twenty-dollar bill replied: "I I have been to casinos, have been to cruise ships, have been to Major League Baseball a few times, have been to the beach, and Niagara Falls, all these things." "What about you?" Dollar said, "Oh, you know what, church, Church, church."

"Permits please"-Two little boys are fishing in their favorite fishing hole. The game manager appeared behind them. One of the boys dropped his fishing rod and walked through the woods, and the game controller followed him.​​ Half a mile later, the boy stopped and held his breath, and the game controller grabbed him. The warden said, "Let me see the fishing license." The boy took out his wallet and showed him his license. "Okay, son, you must be stupid. You don't have a valid license and there is no room for operation." The boy said, "Okay, I know, but the boy who came back there didn't.

November 24, 2020

We should always celebrate the entire season of Thanksgiving, not just the day itself. We should be grateful every day, because gratitude is always in the season.

Thanksgiving started in the United States, not as a feast, but as a Thanksgiving Day provided by Christopher Columbus on October 12, 1492, when he arrived on land after a stormy journey across the Atlantic and the loss of a ship. Columbus prayed and praised God.

In 1620, 128 years later, the pilgrims thanked God for having sacrificed their lives during the arduous journey from England. On November 11, 1620, 400 years ago, the Mayflower landed in present-day Massachusetts after leaving Southampton, England. The Mayflower carried 102 passengers and 26 captains and captains; of this number, there were 32 children. During this 66-day voyage, the pilgrims stayed under the deck. They cannot use lanterns or candles, so they are in the dark day and night. No bathing or changing clothes. Most foods are dried fruits, fish and hard candies, which are basically hard biscuits. The second half of the voyage was stormy, strong wind and severe cold. Their clothes got wet, the bed got wet, and their clothes froze. Many people get sick because of food and bad conditions.

Even after landing in Plymouth Harbor, passengers must stay on board while leaders are looking for fresh water. In that first winter, 43 pilgrims were killed.

We should never forget the pilgrims, the conditions they endured, and the experiences they depend on for survival. When the Mayflower left in the spring of the following year, none of the pilgrims returned to England. No wonder the United States is called the "place of pilgrimage."

In both events, God was glorified. In 2020, our thoughts and thoughts should be placed on the most important aspect. We need to consider who God is, what God has done for us, and the country in which we are lucky enough to live. God bless America, and as we thank and celebrate, God bless you and your family.

The pilgrims did not have pumpkin pie at the feast of 1621. We know that they have deer, fish and corn. Corn is probably dry and boiled. (Today, we call it "human flesh".) Pumpkin is used instead of soup instead of pumpkin pie, because pumpkin is a member of the pumpkin family. Another use of pumpkins is to hollow them out and use them as bowls with a lid. The table must be very rich, because the banquet lasted three days!

Friday has officially started the Christmas shopping season, so it is called "Black Friday". Many people will line up or camp in front of large grocery stores to get bargaining opportunities. (The truth is, there is nothing cheap to stay in a cold place all night. I wait until Monday, when the crowd returns to work!) This year, companies are promoting sales after Thanksgiving or focusing on online sales. Therefore, you can stay at home, enjoy future generations, and make the most of your vacation. Thanksgiving is not allowed to be the most needed holiday in the United States.

Every year when Thanksgiving comes, grandmother's collars line up a hedge. It wasn’t until a few years ago that we spent Thanksgiving in Myrtle Beach and then on Route 28 between Rockingham and Bennettsville. Have seen something similar. They are very beautiful and remind us of grandma's collar.

On the day before Thanksgiving, she will descale the black pot, pour the lard, prepare to go to the collar, and cook a huge peanut city ham. That morning, she set a fire under the pot with ham inside. . The aromas of smoked ham and oak soon diffused. At noon, she will test the tenderness of the ham, remove it from the pot, and add collars one by one until cooked. On Thanksgiving Day, all the families, children and grandchildren will be there, the table is full of food and desserts, but there is nothing like prosciutto with kale, cornbread and sweet tea.

The special blend of spices makes recipes easier without having to fill the cabinet with seasonings and spices that must be mixed together. Many companies like McCormick produce combinations of seasonings and spices, which makes it easy to prepare meals by mixing multiple spices in one container. For fried chicken and turkey sauce, poultry seasoning can be used. For spaghetti, you can use Italian seasoning; for pies, you can use pumpkin pie seasoning, which contains cinnamon, nutmeg and other mixed seasonings, and a mixture of cinnamon and other spices in apple pie seasoning. These special spices are convenient and save a lot of cabinet space.

For a delicious turkey, I mix 1 teaspoon pepper, 2 teaspoons salt, and 2 teaspoons poultry seasoning. Spray the inner cavity of the turkey with Pam and sprinkle the seasoning there with your hands. Spray the outside of the turkey with Pam and sprinkle with poultry seasoning. Cover the turkey with foil and bake in the oven. Remove the foil during the last hour of cooking.

The cream cheese layer really enhances the flavor of this pie.

1 8-ounce package cream cheese (softened)

¼ cup sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 egg

1¼ cup canned pumpkin

2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice

¼ teaspoon salt

1 cup evaporated milk

2 eggs

1 9-inch unbaked pie shell

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Mix cream cheese, sugar and vanilla until very smooth, add eggs and stir together. Pour into the unbaked pie shell. For the pumpkin layer, mix the pumpkin, sugar, spices, salt and vanilla, then add evaporated milk and eggs. Mix well, then pour over the cream cheese layer. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour and 10 minutes. After the pie has cooled, serve it again with a layer of cold whip on top.

This is a simple solution for holiday desserts with multiple flavors and colors.

1 box of Duncan Hines yellow or orange cake mix

½ cup water

1 jar of oranges (not drained)

1 tablespoon orange seasoning

½ Crisco Oil

1 3-ounce box orange jelly mix

1 large can chopped pineapple

1 pack orange Kool-Aid mix

1 3-ounce box Jello instant pudding mix

1 box cool whip

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Mix all the ingredients together and pour into a 13x9x2 inch baking pan or Pam sprayed pan. Bake until firm and golden brown, then remove from the oven and cool. Mix these ingredients together and sprinkle it on the cake to make the filling. refrigeration.

A couple enjoyed dessert in the family’s home after Thanksgiving dinner. At that time, the wife held her husband and said, "That is your third time for dessert. They must think you are a pig!" The husband replied, "I don't think so. "I told her it was for you!"

Thank you all readers

In beautiful Stokes County. I hope these articles will make your garden interesting, relaxing and productive. I also hope that everyone will have a happy Thanksgiving Day, which is full of love.

November 22, 2020

We should always celebrate Thanksgiving, not just the day itself. We should be grateful every day, because gratitude is always in the season. Thanksgiving started in the United States, not as a feast, but when Christopher Columbus arrived on the coast of the United States on October 12, 1492, after a storm across the Atlantic and the loss of one of his ships. Columbus prayed and praised the dedicated God. In 1620, 128 years later, the pilgrims thanked and thanked God for having sacrificed their lives during the arduous journey across the Atlantic from England. In both events, God was given priority and glory. In 2020, our thoughts and thoughts should be placed on the most important aspect. We need to consider who God is, what God has done for us, and what country we are lucky enough to live in. God thank America, God thank you and your family, while we are grateful and celebrate.

400 years ago, on Saturday, November 11, 1620, the Mayflower landed on Cape Cod, Massachusetts after leaving Southampton, England on September 6, 1620. The Mayflower carried 102 passengers, 26 captain and another captain. In this number, there are 32 children. During this 66-day voyage, the pilgrims stayed under the deck. They cannot use lanterns or candles, so they are in the dark day and night. They cannot bathe or wash clothes every day. Most foods are dried fruits, fish and hard biscuits. The second half of the voyage was stormy, strong wind and severe cold. Their clothes got wet, the bed got wet, and their clothes froze. Many people get sick because of food and bad conditions. In addition to these conditions, 26 crew members harassed them under these overcrowded conditions. Even after 66 days of sailing and landing on Cape Cod, they still have to look for fresh water, rivers and land on board. The captain of the Mayflower described the port of Plymouth and they explored it. On December 16, 1620, the pilgrims landed in the port of Plymouth. After the hardships of the first winter, 43 pilgrims lost their lives. We will never forget the pilgrims and the conditions they experienced when they arrived in the United States, but they experienced survival. When the Mayflower left in the spring of the following year, none of the pilgrims returned to England. No wonder the United States is called the "place of pilgrimage."

The pilgrims did not have pumpkin pie at the feast of 1621. We know that they have deer, fish, and corn. These corns are likely to be dried and boiled. Today, we call it "human beings". Pumpkin is not pumpkin pie, but used to make soup, because pumpkin is a member of the pumpkin family. Another use of pumpkins is to hollow them out and use them as bowls with a lid. To make desserts, they used dried corn flour, molasses, and meal mixed with eggs to make instant pudding. Dried beans, dried fruits and radishes as well as onions, barley, bread, and vegetables all have a place at the banquet. Butter is used to flavor many foods, as well as the main ingredient in bread, pudding and soup. Everything else on the table is rich, because the feast lasted for three full days. The meal was great, but they thank God.

Next Friday is officially called "Black Friday" because it officially begins the Christmas shopping season. Many people will line up or camp in front of large grocery stores to get bargaining opportunities. The truth is, there are not many bargains worth staying in a cold place all night. Wait until Monday, when everyone returns to work, the aisles will not be crowded. At the same time, you can stay at home, enjoy your children and grandchildren, and enjoy your vacation. Thanksgiving is not allowed to be the most natural holiday in the United States.

Every year when Thanksgiving comes, grandmother's collars line up a hedge. Until a few years ago, we spent Thanksgiving in Myrtle Beach and on our way on Highway 28 between Rockingham and Bennettsville, We have only seen something similar before, we saw a hedge with hedges beautifying the house. They are very beautiful and remind us of grandma's collar. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, she will scald the black flower pots, prepare lard for lard, prepare large kale, and boil a huge peanut city ham. Early on Wednesday morning, she set a fire under the pot, which contained ham. The aroma of prosciutto and oak permeates the air in the Northamptonshire countryside. At noon, she will test the softness of the ham, take it out of the pot, and add collars one by one during the cooking process. On Thanksgiving Day, all families, children and grandchildren will be there. The table is full of food and desserts, but there is nothing like prosciutto with kale, cornbread and sweet tea.

The cream cheese layer really enhances the flavor of this pie. For this pie, you will need a 9-inch unbaked pie shell. For the cream cheese layer at the bottom, you will need an eight-ounce package of cream cheese (softened), a quarter cup of sugar, a teaspoon of vanilla and an egg. Mix cream cheese, sugar and vanilla until very smooth, add eggs and beat into mixture. Pour into the unbaked pie shell. For the pumpkin layer, mix one and fourth cups of canned pumpkin, one cup of sugar, two teaspoons of pumpkin pie spice, a pinch of salt, one cup of evaporated milk, one teaspoon of vanilla, and two eggs. Mix the pumpkin, sugar, pumpkin pie spices, vanilla and a pinch of salt. Add evaporated milk and eggs. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly, if the cream cheese layer is poured into the top pie crust. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour and 10 minutes. After the pie has cooled, serve it again with a layer of cold whip on top.

As November gets colder and colder, creepy creepers and four-legged pests (such as rats and rodents) will try to slide into your barn or cross the shed in winter. You can perform many tasks to keep them out. First, remove the remaining seeds and straw on the floor. Sweep the floor and apply a small amount of moth balls around. Spray with a powerful insect spray, spray once a month. If you see signs of rats and rodents, take steps to control them. Check outdoor buildings frequently in winter.

The Northern Cross is actually part of the Cygnus swan. Now, every night when it gets dark, it is getting closer and closer to the sight of Westerners. On Christmas Eve, it will be upright in the evening. The cross can be seen above the forest line in the western sky every evening because it is a little close to the horizon. To have a better view on rural roads in Surry County, you can look west toward the forest line with the intersection clearly visible. The swan is a symbol of grace, and it is appropriate for God to place the North Cross on the Cygnus swan. When heaven announces his glory, this is the Christmas card of God in the Western skin.

Thank you to all readers of the beautiful Surry County Gardens. We thank you for reading the Gardens in the "Lifestyle" section every Sunday morning. Thanks to "Mount Airy News" for publishing a column and enhancing it with its color graphics. We hope these articles will make your garden interesting, relaxing and efficient. We hope you learn to live a richer and fulfilling life, and hope that everyone is full of happiness and gratitude.

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