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OROVILLE—The paint and roof repair budget for the City Auditorium is $443,744 to be approved at the City Council meeting on Tuesday.

The two major repairs proposed were due to damage caused by arson in the summer of 2019, which led to the discovery of other problems.

The estimated value of this painting is US$70,277.08, including the entire interior of the main auditorium, the exterior of the building and the activity room upstairs. The remaining US$333,489.45 will be used for emergency roof replacement.

The remaining US$40,372 is a 10% contingency fee.

Before the arson burned down, the city council approved the purchase of vinyl flooring, floor scrubbers, 350 folding chairs, four new front doors, stage curtains, interior painting, and repairs to the dressing room in the auditorium, with an estimated total of $138,365.03

Since then, the damage has been repaired through the city’s property insurance.

In addition, the meeting will hold three public hearings.

The first hearing will focus on receiving feedback on changes to the city guidelines for state aid programs and grants. Most of the changes are related to formatting and language required for inclusion status.

The second hearing will discuss the possible addition of C, 5. Municipal regulations used temporarily for disaster recovery allow cities to negotiate compensation for temporary industries in the event of a disaster.

The last public hearing on Tuesday will focus on the evaluation of proposed additions or changes to the landscape and lighting maintenance area in Oroville. The current apportionment amount has not changed in more than 20 years.

The City Council meeting will be held at 4 pm on Tuesday in the Council Chamber at 1735 Montgomery Avenue.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference hall remains closed to the public. You can watch the meeting live in the city


Anyone who wishes to attend can email comments to publiccomment@cityoforoville.org or stand outside the conference hall and speak through the attached microphone before 3pm on Tuesday.

Municipal clerk Jackie Glover (Jackie Glover) said that “as far as she knows” the committee has not yet discussed the issue of reopening the meeting to the public.

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