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Two foundation board members Steve Wright and Walter Joe Ford of Cape Girardeau Cape School resigned, and one of them protested plans to end Wednesday’s scheduled board meeting. The meeting was subsequently rescheduled to Saturday and will be open to the public; the foundation was established in 1993 as a private fundraising agency for the school district.

As part of a phased construction plan, the Rich Life Church in Gordonville will soon begin construction of a new children's home. The project has been going on for some time; Pastor David Butler, the pastor of the non-denominational church, said that the main focus of the new multifunctional building will be the Shepherd’s Bay Children’s Home. It will provide long-term and short-term care for children living in abusive environments.

The two regional elders of the northern and southern branches of the Presbyterian Church will not merge, at least for the time being; the voting representative of the Southeastern Missouri Presbyterian Church of the United States (Southern) rejected a proposal to match the United States of Southeast The merger of the Presbyterian Church; a close vote of 39 to 31 votes is advantageous, but a two-thirds majority is required to pass the proposal.

The fire severely damaged the 119 corner store storage rooms of Themis St. on Saturday night and caused some smoke damage to the Capaha Loan and Finance Co. next door; the store is managed by Ms. Andy Juden Jr.

Another new industry, a furniture factory, is being established in the old building of Cape Girardeau Auction Co. on Highway 61 to the west of the city. The furniture company consists of Stanley Melton, Louis Gardner and John Hart of Detroit, and Edgar of Providence, Kentucky. Owned by Edgar Reynolds, they moved their family to Cape Girardeau; Hart and Gardner are brothers of the pastor ED Winstead who owns the building.

The international shoe factory is planned to be reopened on Monday morning; due to the strike of 1,500 truck operators in St. Louis, the factory has been closed, and its 1,500 workers have been idled due to lack of materials; since January 9, many workers have taken a leave of at least 10 Heaven; the strike ended early this morning.

The Cape Puget Sound Chamber of Commerce passed unanimously last night and decided to adopt the plan of the St. Louis Production Bureau outlined by Carl F. Barr to expand the work of the Chamber of Commerce. According to the plan, the work of the Chamber of Commerce will be divided into five parts: production, citizenship, transportation, commerce and manufacturing. Each department will be chaired by the vice president and its special committee; all of this will be carried out under the guidance of the president and the nine-person executive committee.

The members of the Commercial Women’s Club met in the gymnasium of the Kai Puhirado Central Middle School to conduct gymnastics training every week. This is the last exercise under the leadership of Georgia Sharp, who has been their sports coach since the establishment of the club. Sharp will leave here soon.

-Sharon Sanders

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