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January 27, 2021

This image provided by Fernish shows a children's bedroom inspired by outer space. Rachel Magana, senior visual designer at Fernish, a sustainable furniture rental company, said that she drew some cosmological decoration ideas from a colleague’s recent nursery project. "A palette based on dark blue tones, then splashed with colors such as yellow, white or red," (Photography by Dustin Walker/Done via AP)

This is a difficult year on Earth, but 2020 is the highlight of space exploration. SpaceX pushed its futuristic "starship" to new heights. Three countries launched missions to Mars, and robots captured debris from the moon and asteroids.

More promises are expected next year, including plans to launch a successor to the Hubble Space Telescope.

Perhaps it is not surprising that the space theme has a place in home decoration. When many of us are trapped at home due to the pandemic, spatial images can add an adventurous or whimsical feel to rooms, walls and ceilings.

New York interior designer Patrice Hoban said.

She stuck tiny dark night stars on the ceiling. The light can last for several hours.

she says.

Rachel Magana, senior visual designer at sustainable furniture rental company Fernish, drew some cosmic decoration ideas from a colleague’s recent nursery project.

she says.

She suggested adding interesting space lights and vintage NASA posters.

For decades, outer space has inspired designers. In the 1960s,

Between the United States and the Soviet Union, with the development of the synthetic era, synthetic materials have led to a proliferation of futuristic furniture such as plastic chairs and artificial satellite-shaped lighting devices.

Today, you can download artwork directly from NASA: https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/, or find artwork at retailers such as Red Bubble, Etsy, and Zazzle.

Magana also suggested making a letter paper with a quote on the space theme famous by Neil Armstrong


Many astronomy-themed art on the market will appear in any room. There are moon graphics on Target's canvas. Tempaper has constellation wallpapers, but if you can't make wallpapers, please consider Kenna Sato Designs' wall or ceiling constellation decals.

Galaxy Lamps have a sphere that looks like an asteroid. Use the included USB to charge it, and cycle through 16 colors in three lighting modes. There is also a moon version.

In Beautiful Halo, a series of rocket ship ceiling fixtures were found.

German designer Jan Kath has created a carpet collection called Spacecrafted, which is inspired by images of gas clouds and small planetary nebulae from the Hubble Telescope.

Studio Greytak in Missoula, Montana designed a Jupiter lamp with mineral aragonite, depicting the turbulent gas swirling on the earth. There is also an impact watch with cast glass on it and a large piece of desert rose crystal inlaid on it, as if an asteroid fell into a pool.

Zodiac wall decals and Milky Way carpets can be found in the nursery project.

Crate&Kids and Pottery Barn Kids have hanging phones with planets, stars and clouds.

There are also luminous black duvet covers printed on the solar system on PBK, but if you are ready to go to the stars, check out Snurk Living's duvet suits.

This studio, owned by Dutch designers Peggy van Neer and Erik van Loo, designed a suit printed with life-size astronaut suits.

It seems popular to create a night sky on the ceiling of a home theater. Houzz has hundreds of inspirational examples.

Maydan Architects in Palo Alto, California designed one for a recent project.

Mary Maidan said.

The ceiling is not retractable, but has an eight-pane fixed lamp, depicting the Milky Way and a meteor.

Maydan said.

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