Outdoor cinema: How to create a cinema in your garden

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A comfortable space for families or romantic corners for couples

The arrival of summer and warm and pleasant evenings provides us with an excellent opportunity to turn our garden into a home theater. They can create a comfortable space for the whole family, let them relax outdoors, or provide a romantic corner for couples looking for an isolated date night.

Therefore, from the initial technical expenditure to the final touch-up to help create an atmosphere in the movie, this is everything you need to open up a suitable outdoor cinema in your own garden.

First, you can’t have a real

There is no cinema experience with a large screen, so please buy a decent projector. For the best quality image, aim for an image of (at least) 3,000 lumens-this will make the display bright and bright. Keep in mind that if you plan to install it somewhere outside the house and choose a portable model, you may need to extend the cable so that it can be safely kept inside when you are done.

As for the screen, of course you can hang an old whiteboard, but there are many cheap options that can bring you a better overall experience. If you do not have a suitable wall to hang the screen, please choose a free-standing wall. These are neatly rolled up when not in use, ready to be stored in a shed.

Finally, you will need a stand for laptops and projectors so that you can place the monitor correctly without having to balance expensive technology on a ladder or chair.

If you want to fully immerse yourself in a big screen movie, then the speakers of your laptop will not help. There are many speakers designed specifically for the garden, so choose the right option and they will see you in summer barbecues and locked garden parties and all your outdoor night movies.

Although you may need to turn off the projector while it is running,

Can help you partition the area-they make your garden look more beautiful. We believe that on your terrace, a series of colored lights will look like zigzags, with the projector and seating area located below.

If you want to keep some lighting while watching a movie, hang some solar lanterns on nearby fences or trees. These lanterns are usually not as good as utility power. Outdoor candles are also very useful, for example


Once you have sequenced the technical settings and the lighting is correct, you can put some comfortable seats in the area. You may already have a

, But if you don’t have it, you can use a comfortable beanbag chair to set a suitable mood, or cling to a weatherproof cushion, and tidy it away when not in use (some of them can be used indoors). In a pinch, camping chairs can save some extra seats, which can be easily stored later.

We also recommend that you put an outdoor carpet on the terrace; this will keep the place where you can put the floor mat during use to keep it clean and add some color and texture to the exterior of the house. It also helps to create a coveted interior/exterior living atmosphere, treating your garden as a seamless extension of your home.

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