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Author: Arkansas Economic Development Commission staff

All schools in the state are eligible to participate in the program. In the past few years, the school's funding has helped create and maintain archery, fishing and competitive shooting sports programs. The school also uses the money to help improve wildlife education by purchasing educational materials, materials used to create indoor and outdoor habitats, laboratory supplies, and field trips to the AGFC Nature and Education Center. The reserve uses the funds to help raise the community’s awareness of wildlife protection by organizing environmental education days and providing fishing derby activities for children of all ages.

Secretary of Commerce and Executive Director of AEDC Mike Preston (Med Preston) said: "This year, we have seen the benefits of enjoying wildlife more than ever before. This is what we take for granted." The Wildlife Education Program increases educational opportunities by taking children out of the classroom and into the world of their own backyard. AEDC is very pleased to be a part of this opportunity, which not only promotes education and economic development, but also helps Arkansas of all ages People provide voluntary service and community participation."

Tabbi Kinion, director of education at AGFC, believes that outdoor education plays a vital role in understanding the need to encourage young people in Arkansas to survive.

She explained: “By understanding habitat and resource management, we hope to establish a connection between the state’s youth and our rich natural resources.”

Part of the school projects funded by the grant include gardening supplies and equipment, materials for building beaver dams, bird watching supplies, recycling bins for entertainment venues, and supplies for science laboratories and outdoor classrooms.

Local grant recipients include

Baxter County

Baxter County Nature Reserve received $1,500 in funding to purchase practice coverage liability insurance, team uniforms, registration fees, 4-H registration fees, 4-H shooting coach training fees and shooting sports supplies.

Mountain Home Public Schools received $3,138.98 in funding to purchase items for the construction of outdoor classrooms, including: plants, wood for poultry houses, benches, chairs, artificial grass, topsoil and craft tables.

Nelson-Wilks-Herron Elementary received $1,283.50 in funding to purchase materials for the butterfly garden and owl pellets.

Mountain Home Junior High received $6,931.77 in funding to purchase AYSSP supplies.

Bone County

Omaha Elementary School received $1,016.38 in funding to purchase materials to build outdoor classrooms/gardens.

Alpena Public Schools received $1,087.87 in funding to purchase a professional tanned fur and fur manufacturer for native Arkansas.

Fulton County

Mammoth Spring School District (Mammoth Spring School District) received $2,277.60 in funding for the purchase of sidewalk items: pea gravel, fabric and landscaping edges.

Salem High School received $2,413.31 in funding to purchase AYSSP materials.

Ised County

The Izard County Comprehensive School District received $1,515.60 in funding to purchase AYSSP supplies.

Calico Rock School District received $1,296.00 in funding for AYSSP supplies.

Newton County

Jasper Elementary received $1,034.65 in funding to purchase materials for outdoor classrooms: retaining wall panels, twine, wooden stakes, landscape painting, shovel, rake, hose, mulch, soil, stepping stones and plants.

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