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EsmaŞahiner is one of thousands of teachers who have struggled with new concepts:

. Due to the closure of the school due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she was confined to her home. Despite the distance, the middle school teacher found innovative ways to interact with students. "The only way they can see me is through the small screen. Haveahiner said: "I have to interact as much as possible. "

The science teacher Şahiner sits behind his laptop in the kitchen at home every day, and once again attracts dozens of students with his innovative science teaching methods. The refrigerator next to the table is her "blackboard", and the building blocks belonging to her two children are engraved with element names on the periodic table.


Şahiner looks forward to reuniting with her students when the school reopens next month, hoping to receive a face-to-face education. "I miss them very much. They used to hug me. When they understand any topic I talk about in the classroom, I miss the light in their eyes." She told Anadolu Agency (AA).

The teacher at SüleymanŞah Middle School in Sincan District, Ankara, the capital, said, “This is the best education I can give them under the current circumstances.” Based on the current trend of the pandemic, distance education may continue to exist, but national education The Ministry is hopeful

, As long as the health authorities approve it. Although cases have tended to decline in recent days, experts have warned that abandoning the alert for adaptation measures may lead to a new round of cases.

Şahiner is a 15-year-old teacher who, like her students, experienced distance education for the first time. She had difficulty adapting to it, but she soon turned online education into an interactive experience for students.

"Compared with other subjects, my class needs more demonstrations. I have to find something that attracts the students' attention. She said: "I have the building blocks of my 5-year-old son and wrote signs of the elements on it to teach Periodic table of the elements. "

Instead of using the blackboard, she decided to use the nearest large white spot: the surface of the refrigerator. "When explaining stress, I used my son's building block game. His mini-football game was also very useful. I drew element symbols on the elements and played a guessing game with my students," she said.

Because of the comfort at home, her students also like her innovative methods. "I tell them to bring materials that can be used in scientific experiments, such as water, glass, and paper. Experiments help them learn better." She said.

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