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Paul West was a well-known gaming lawyer and fixture for several civic associations in Baton Rouge. He helped found the Manship Theatre and Shaw Center first, but died due to a congenital defect . He is 65 years old. 

A friend said that the former chairman of the Rotary Club of West Baton Rouge has served the Capitol throughout his life and is remembered as a community-conscious family member. He always strives to see the best among the people around him. one side.

"He puts Baton Rouge first and people first," said long-time friend Markham McKnight. "He is a person who seeks guidance and guidance, and a beacon for many."

He was survived by his 40-year-old wife Kathy West, his son Michael and Andrew West and four grandchildren.

West was born in St. Petersburg, Florida, and moved to Baton Rouge to participate in LSU. After receiving his bachelor's degree, he entered the Paul M. Herbert Law Center at Louisiana State University, where he graduated at a top level and was a member of the Louisiana Law Review. In 2005, West also received an MBA degree from LSU. 

West is described by his colleagues as an excellent lawyer who specializes in gambling law and helps the industry develop through the regulatory structure established in the 1990s when legal gambling surged.

"Paul is part of the team that helps restore the integrity of the Louisiana game," said Ronnie Jones, the former chairman of the Louisiana Game Control Board. "His work has laid the foundation for the public's confidence in today's booming industry."

John Davis, Chairman and CEO of the Baton Rouge Regional Foundation, said that West served as the founding board chairman of the Manship Theater and brought a certain degree of business discipline, which was important to the success of the Shaw Center. effect.

West also helps local communities take measures aimed at prohibiting discrimination against gays, bisexuals, transgenders and bisexuals in employment, housing and public accommodation. his 

 He "unswervingly advocated providing a warm and friendly place for all."

Although this measure received support, it failed to pass the Metropolitan Committee. 

Davis said: "He is a rock-solid man, acting according to his beliefs to make this community a better place, it is too short-lived."

West is passionate about art and has strengthened the cultural services of Baton Rouge. Over the years, he has served on various committees, including the chairman of the Baton Rouge City Club, the Louisiana Museum of Art and Science and the Baton Rouge Museum of Art.

Ralph Fender, CFO of Manship Media, said: "He is one of the pillars of community building."

West grew up as a loyal fan of the Tigers. When he was young, he and his father listened to football matches on the radio station. Later, he held the legendary backboard on South Stadium Drive, which became the last stop for many fans to enter the Tiger Stadium. 

Long Law Firm lawyer Michael Patterson considers himself the best lawyer in the West. He said: “He may know as many people as anyone. If you ask these people who are their best friends , You will be surprised that so many Paul said. Friend. 

West died while holding his wife and best friend Kathy West (Kathy West). The two have been married for 40 years, and their son Michael West said their common mission is to make a difference in Baton Rouge. 

Michael said: "He has the opportunity to withdraw from Baton Rouge every year and choose to stay here because he likes it." "He is incredibly passionate about our city, he Never stop trying to make it better."

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