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Penn State University Schuylkill-When Penn State University prepares to resume studies this fall, Penn State University Schuylkill has been working hard to prepare students to return to campus safely. In addition to modifying campus facilities to optimize safety and reduce the spread of COVID-19, the campus has also installed technologies that support and enhance distance learning.

Students can expect to see the following when they return:

In addition, non-contact faucets will be installed in bathrooms and 62 hand disinfection stations will be provided throughout the campus in busy areas.

In order to enhance the distance learning experience and manage the large classroom space, while allowing students and teachers to conduct social counseling, Penn State University Schuylkill enhanced classroom technology to help teachers guide students through courses while maintaining interaction.

This fall, students and teachers will have access to the following classroom technologies:

The Schuylkill campus of Pennsylvania State University is preparing campus facilities for the return of students, taking special precautions to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in on-site lectures, and installing the most advanced technology to enhance distance learning.

The Morgan Auditorium is usually the venue for drama students and large-scale events at Penn State Schuylkill. However, due to its spacious space, students and faculty can maintain social distance, it will be used in the fall semester of 2020 Used as an atypical learning space. Every other row is closed, and there will be three spaces between students in Morgan's class.

Individual tables and chairs that can be easily disinfected have replaced the fabric leisure furniture in the atrium of the Health & Wellness Building.

All classroom podiums are equipped with hanging plexiglass shields. The 101 classroom building in the picture is another atypical classroom space.

HoverCams are document cameras that enable faculty, staff and students to transfer close-up views of documents and more to remote learners. These functions will be particularly convenient as students enter and leave the science lab in turns.

Patrick M. Jones, President of Penn State University Skilkill, said: "The health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff are paramount." "These measures are designed to help ensure the safety of everyone. , While enabling us to provide the world-class education that Pennsylvania State University is known for."

As employees work hard to implement these changes, Penn State University Schuylkill looks forward to the safe return of the campus community.

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