Phase 2 of MCPS reopening plan begins Tuesday

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Missoula-Nearly a year later, the kindergarten in Missoula County Public Schools passed sophomores and all middle school students


The MCPS Board of Directors decided to return to the full-time school four days a week after the release of the new version of the course

Show that as long as many procedures are established and followed, students can safely return to the classroom.

Since then, the school

, Clean, disinfect and leave the necessary space to ensure that the transition is as safe as possible before reopening in the second phase.

"In some cases, please re-arrange the classrooms and furniture in the classroom. Therefore, in some cases, we may change the table to a table based on the room configuration, and vice versa." MCPS Director Rob Watson explained.

Some students may also eat lunch in a different place from normal people to maximize social distancing.

Watson stated that they will continue to make changes in the coming days and weeks to ensure the safest possible conditions.

Coronavirus continues to report

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