Pontiac school district prepares for return to in-person learning amid pandemic

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We are preparing to return to face-to-face learning from Monday, so we are considering mandatory summer school. Nearly half of the students in the region will continue to use the distance learning model.

When students start to return to the classroom on Monday, they may find an additional metal detector at the door. As part of the US$3.5 million expenditure to create a safe learning space, students who do return home will see change.

Security measures are visible. Each classroom will be separated by desks, there will be partitions and air purifiers.

Officials said that when students study remotely, their learning loss is measured as negative by two grades. The school district stated that it believes that it has brought most students back to the next grade level. This means that the COVID-19 pandemic has made Pontiac’s students lose at least the entire grade level.

Due to loss of studies, the region is considering not ending the school year in June.

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