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Warrington 3°C

In the last week of the past few years, we told the story of some famous Lost Cinemas in Warrington.

Well, this week, we can light up another long-awaited picture house.

The premier cinema in Latchford can accommodate more than 400 people and has been open for nearly 40 years.

Tommy Swift from Houghton Green recalled the luxury he remembered in the venue and wrote down his own memories.

He added: "Regarding your performance at the Warrington Cinemas, what I want to say is that the Prime Minister of Powell Street is not behind the Empire in luxury.

"In the 1930s, St. Augustine held a ceremony there before the church was built.

"My memories of growing up in the late 1940s and early 1950s often attended prime ministers' meetings.

"When a cowboy movie is shown, we will come out and re-interpret what we see.

"Cross the Thelwall Lane into the racecourse and slaps us on the back. (The racecourse is now the location of Lidl).

"When we reached the age of 14, we were allowed to enter the Chancellery at night, but when the A film was screened, we would wait for the couple's arrival on Powell Street.

"We will ask them to join us and we will give them an entry fee.

"Once in the cinema, we will sit with the couple for a few minutes and then sit down alone.

"Sometimes we would sit with this couple and be well taken care of.

"Of course it cannot be achieved today, but it was very good to grow up from the late 1940s to the early 1950s. I think this is the best year."

The premier cinema opened in the early 1920s. It has an 18-foot wide front desk.

The Prime Minister closed in September 1959.

Ron Povey also has memories of the school he attended as an elementary school student in the 1950s.

He added: "The Premier Cinema, located on Powell Street next to Latchford Village, was built in the early 1920s and is regarded by many as a competition with the Wilderspur Causeway Grand Cinema, built before the First World War. opponent. 

"The Prime Minister, or'Pre' affectionately, is an important part of community life in the fast-growing Latchford residential area. It is tucked away on the corner of Powell Street and can be accessed through Forrest Street ( Enter it on the side of Paterson's Garage (now Kingsway South) or Paterson's Garage (now a cantilever car sales company).

"In terms of furniture and architecture, nothing is reserved. 

"The new dump-style chair with dark wooden backrest and armrests and luxurious golden fabric provide luxurious seats, considering that the spacing between these seats can accommodate taller customers. The entrance hall is spacious and the corridor is wide. . 

"The stage boasts crimson velvet curtains on each side of the screen, and the walls are decorated with elegant lighting to highlight many wall decoration lines. The entrance and exit are equipped with spacious double doors, and the appearance is very clever.

"The number of seats is about 500, and the cheaper seats are in the front row. Today's price is about 2 pence. The seat in the middle of the auditorium is about 4 pence in today's currency, and the seats in the back are back, including The most expensive high-quality carpet is about 8 pence in today's currency.

"In the mid-1950s, I was an elementary school-age kid, and I participated in regular "treatments" with my grandfather every Saturday night. People in the community would line up to watch their favorite stars and characters on the screen.

"If you are ready to be patient, in a few weeks or months, you can watch movies that are exactly the same as those shown in urban and downtown movie theaters at half the price of the usual tickets. The turnover of movies is very regular. The program will be changed in a few days. 

"A typical Saturday night show will include children's movies or cartoons, main feature films-usually westerns or thrillers, plus a series decorated with epic characters such as Flash Gordon. "Pathe News" makes people aware of events in the country and the world And questions.

"The vivid memory focuses on intervals or intervals. A small fish will walk along the central or side aisle to the front and provide a series of refreshments, including'Butterkist' caramel-coated popcorn, chocolate ice cubes, Pendleton's' Twicers', this is the most popular-ice cream with fruity popsicles.

"Unfortunately, as more and more people own television, the publicity capacity of local cinemas has weakened. 

"Since'Pre' was opened to the public in 1959, I was one of the last people to enjoy the'Pre' trip. It became a storage facility for the furniture dismantling company Roy Trevor. 

"Since then, it has been the subject of various speculations, including remodeling the warehouse and even being demolished to replace it with an apartment. 

"As time goes by, compared with the previous glory, this building seems to be ignored and unrecognizable; my memories of the endless joy of childhood are firmly pinned in the memory bank. 

"Will you pay a high price for the so-called progress?"

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