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These easy-to-assemble kits are shipped directly to your door, making small space gardening a breeze.

Both beginners and professional gardeners appreciate its convenience and ease of use

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. ) These elevated boxes are perfect for growth


, So you can enjoy the fresh produce grown in the backyard. The enclosed growth space prevents your soil from being washed away in extreme weather, and you can even grow plants, vegetables or fruits earlier because the soil will warm up and drain better because the soil is higher than the ground. In addition, many raised beds are helpful for people with backaches because you don't have to bend over. (Or not at all.) We searched on the Internet and found eight of our favorite elevated garden beds that can meet the needs of every gardener.

Forgetful gardeners will love this self-watering machine that can be used indoors or outdoors. (This is essential for apartment residents who only have a backyard balcony.) When using, just fill the water tank with water and your plants will drink the water they need. The stylish flower bed is made of white glass and measures 19 X 30 X 20 inches.



Now, for larger areas, this side-by-side option is great. It measures 96 X 24 XW x 10 inches and is made of fir, which can survive multiple seasons. The panels are pre-polished and the design feature is a dovetail connection, which can be slid together and locked in place for quick assembly.


Now that we stay at home and have more time to use, you might want to build your own elevated garden. All you have to do is buy a plan that includes precise cutting and assembly instructions, and then you can download the PDF immediately. You can choose between two plans, one is 48 X 18 X 24 X and the other is one foot less in length. The Etsy store Stewart Landing Co has a nearly perfect score of 5 grades and has more than 2,800 sales records, noting that the plan is also very suitable for different scales.


It is a good way to do your part to save the earth. This uniquely shaped cedar bed

And grow fresh produce in the same unit. Its size is 72 X 72 X 22 inches, and the compost bin in the middle is 24 X 11 X 22 inches.


If you want to do something different from a typical wooden bed, try this affordable galvanized option, available in gray and beige. In inches, the size is 46 X 35 X 12, so it is a good choice for smaller backyards. It has almost perfect 5-star reviews from more than 100 buyers, and many praise the ease of assembly of the bed.


This three-tier option is perfect for growth

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. The compact size (48 X 48 X 21 inches) is very suitable for smaller spaces. It is made of cedar and has a beautiful auburn finish that will stand out in your backyard.



Keep small animals (or

), dig in your garden in this elevated way. In addition, it is useful because you can look after the vegetation without bending over. It is easy to assemble. All you have to do is slide the board into the terminal. (No tools required.) It is made of natural cedar and measures 24 X 48 X 31 inches.


The size of the bed is 48 X 48 X 5.5 inches, even the smallest yard can be placed with exquisite displays. It is easy to assemble and is made of cedar, which is most suitable for vegetables. The material is insect-proof and antiseptic. In addition, it only costs $50, making it one of the more affordable garden beds there.

(50 U.S. dollars,

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