Reba McEntire Shares Pics of First Movie Date With New Boyfriend

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And her boyfriend Rex Linn (Rex Linn) recently indulged in their first


The couple masked their faces and went to the local AMC cinema to watch Tom Hanks’ new movie.

As part of the new social distancing experience provided by the theater chain during the COVID-19 pandemic. The two did not escape from indulging in all the snacks. They entered the theater with a shopping bag of popcorn and soda in their hands, and the singer later indulged in a bag of Reese's snacks.

Another snapshot shows the country idol saying hello from a leather chair in the theater before Rex joins her for a smiling selfie. The couple spread out across the rows of seats to make themselves comfortable.

"AMC offers a private screening.... We accepted it. The first movie date!" McEntire subtitled the date night pictures, and according to one of her tags, she and Linn "like" the movie.

McEntire and Linn, he has appeared in a series of TV shows, including



It's October 2020. Facts have proved that the two have existed in the same circle for decades. They were in 1991

the film

Keep in touch ever since. The two reconnected before the COVID-19 pandemic, and soon the friendship developed into romance.

"So, it's like good friends come back to have dinner together in January, and then we start texting and talking on the phone to improve mutual understanding during the quarantine," McEntire

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