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On Friday, the Rehoboth Beach Planning Committee conducted a 3-hour hearing on the proposed space exploration theater

The team mainly heard complaints about the plan.

Due to lack of information, the Rehoboth Beach Committee rejected approval for the new space base in August.

At a public hearing on Friday, members of the planning committee heard information about parking spaces, lighting and sound levels from many citizens. The northern end of the proposed theater can be used for residential purposes.

Many residents say that they are not opposed to the theater, but just want to do it right.

Resident Susan Goode said that most of the fighting revolved around parking spaces.

Goode said: "As far as I know, no town will burden the surrounding area, and will also provide parking spaces to restaurants and other business owners who already lack parking spaces."

The theatre site recommendations do not include any on-site parking spaces. Some urban residents have negotiated with Clear Space to resolve some of these issues.

Laura Mason, vice chairman of Clear Space's board of directors, said that efforts have been made to solve parking problems, such as providing parking maps to customers and encouraging the use of public transportation or other alternative methods.

She said they will even offer discounts to those who use buses, trams or ride sharing.

Clearance executive director Wesley Paulson (Wesley Paulson) compared the ongoing battle with the snow forecast.

Paulson said: "I hope that the construction of this theater will be comparable to the blizzard we expected, and this blizzard will not bother us at all, and we will do our best to achieve this goal,"

Paulson noted that they made major changes to the building plan after listening to the community, including adjustments to reduce noise and create parking maps for customers.

These changes have been well received by some residents. Ronald Bowman said that this is not just a NIMBY issue, it is determining Rehoboth Beach's vision for the future.

The planning committee had so many requests for comments and they dispersed them for two days. The committee held another public hearing on Friday, February 5.

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