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The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has just announced the winners of the following awards:

. In this edition, the annual global best student architectural project award is the highest award ever. 118 architecture schools from 32 countries/regions received 336 nominations.

RIBA Silver Medal was awarded to Robert Bini (University of Westminster) 

The RIBA bronze award winner is Tengku Sharil Bin Tengku Abdul Kadir from UCL Bartlett School of Architecture 

The RIBA thesis medal was awarded to Lizzie Osborne of the University of Huddersfield. 

In addition, Edwin Davis Maliakkal (Edwin Davis Maliakkal) of the University of Nottingham won the Serjeant Award for Excellence in Painting. 

 In Part 1, and arrive at Aine Walker (University of Cork) 

In part 2.

Last but not least the second year

Awarded the RIBA Sustainable Design Award,"

". In Part 1, the award went to Sonakshi Pandit (Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture)

And went to Aisling Mulligan (University of Dublin) in Part 2

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The project is located in the Tuscany region of Italy, known as the Valley of the Devil. In the past century, the area has been known for producing renewable energy and geothermal energy. In order to protect the livelihoods of local communities relying on this energy, Robert proposed a new rural self-construction project, which is powered by geothermal wells and cascaded pipes and manufacturing spaces in the valley landscape.


Silver category:

According to the climate emergency, the "One Tree Handbook" discusses wood production and waste in Sweden. Sharil proposed to establish a timber research institute on the outskirts of Stockholm, strategically located in an unprotected forest area of ​​Stockholm, and built with a single tree-advocating a sustainable holistic approach.

Bronze category:

Lizzie’s paper examines the history of Huddersfield’s iconic gay club The Gemini Club in the late 1970s and early 1980s, which closed in 1983 after a series of raids. Their papers reflected the impact of police brutality, surveillance of queer spaces, the emergence of subcultures in the town, and the importance of studying its impact on the development of architectural design.

Paper medal category:

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