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Bob Cookson stepped into sunset on Monday night, Monday, January 25. His wife Joyce and four daughters "Cookson Girls", Lindy, Jenny, Karen and Kim Jong-un will miss him very much, but after learning that he is in heaven with all the friends and family who welcomed him there Feel comforted during rest.

Bob (Bob) was born on May 17, 1935 in James and Leila (Brown) Cookson. Growing up, he ran around town with his brothers Billy and Jack on Fourth Street in downtown Columbus. They sometimes climb up the fire tunnel of the building and travel from the roof to the roof above the city. He started working at the age of seven, selling newspapers and shining shoes on the street. In the depression days, he used his income to help his family.

Horse riding, beautiful, gave him the joy of his teenage years. He rode a cowboy in the old corral. Barrel racing and skill riding. He likes to travel long distances to Brown County. He also likes to compete in the 25th Street Circuit.

Bob (Bob) met Joyce Smith (Joyce Smith) at the local ice skating rink in 1952. He was a good man and her parents allowed her to start dating him. Bob's horse beauty (Beauty) has passed away by this time, he rode a fire (Blaze), Joyce (Joyce) began to ride the sunset. For the next 5 years, they rode horses, danced, ate at Lucus Brothers, and watched movies at the Crump Theater. In 1957, Bob (Bob) and Joyce (Joyce) married.

Bob and Joyce have four daughters and devote themselves to all their activities. Swimming team, girl scout, basketball, softball, horseback riding, cheerleading, etc. He participated in camping trips, carpooled and sponsored sports teams. Bob is a loving and caring father. He knows all their friends and is happy to know each of them. It could be when he offered biscuits and gravy to the children from the bus stop, or when someone yelled "The Cooksons" at a basketball game. He is a friend and role model to many of his daughter’s friends, and they often hear "I only love your father".

His grandson is his pride and joy. When he saw them, he laughed, they love their grandpa. He watched a lot of time in the stands, watching football, basketball, baseball, gymnastics and cheerleading. When watching dance and music concerts, his seat is more comfortable. No matter what the event or the participants, he is there. One of his favorite things is to put a pile of tin cans in the backyard and let his grandchildren use BB guns for aiming practice.

Bob has 13 great-grandchildren who have been lucky enough to have one. They brought him happiness and joy. He likes it best when they are running, playing and laughing together. He is very proud.

He is a generous person. We heard many stories from his friends or people who helped in some way. He will help people buy groceries or just give them money. He will not let anyone hungry.

When Bob was 17 years old, he built a bridge over the White River. He lied about his age because you should be over 18. This started his career. Before becoming a real estate agent, he was a carpenter for Repp and Mundt. He sells houses for houses and houses, landmarks and Century 21 real estate offices. He returned to the construction industry in the 1980s and retired from Dunlap Construction Company.

Bob (Bob) survived by his 63-year-old wife Joyce (Smith) Cookson (Joyce (Smith) Cookson). Daughters: Lin (Jim) Weddle (Rin (Jim) Weddle), Jenny (Brian) (Brian) Hearne, Karen (Jeff) (Sweet) and Kim (John) Clevenger (Kim (John) Clevenger) , And his beloved pets Keeta (his Alaskan Malamute) and Katie (his cat). Grandson; Jimmy (Christine) Wedel, Chad (Jessica) Hearn, Kendall (David) Dixon, Bryce (Cassie) Junior, Jessica (David) Savage, Jay Sika (John) Meyer, Taylor (Anna) Hearn, Cole Olipo, Jared Sweet and Lorraine ed Great-grandchildren: Payson, Terin and Aaron Wedel, Archer Bronson and Zana Savage, Charlie Sheen, Reese and Rayleigh Mino, Harlow Olipo, Nora Jane Dickson, Finn Sweet, Owen and Oli Anna Meyer, father-in-law Buck Smith and several nieces and nephews.

His parents, James and Leila (Brown) Cookson, sister of Almeida Compton and Lorena Rich, brother of Billy Cookson and Jack Cookson, Inlos Charles and Ethel Smith, In son Bill Smith and grandson Bryan Minor (Bryan Minor) died before him.

l Yiguan-Ritman Family Fun Yiguan will provide ritual services. The call time is Sunday, January 31, from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. The ceremony service will be held at 10:30 am on Monday, February 1.

Flowers can be used instead of donations from the American Diabetes Association or the Bartholomew County Humane Society.

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