School Board appoints Meagan Alderton as chair, reappoints Veronica Nolan as vice chair | Alexandria Times | Alexandria, VA

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At the virtual organization meeting held on Thursday, the Alexandria school board voted to appoint board member Meagan Alderton as chairman and re-appoint Veronica Nolan as vice chairman.

Alderton was appointed chairman of the board of directors by 6 votes to 3. According to ACPS, after Shirley Tyler became the chairperson from 1980 to 1982, she will become the second black female chairperson in the school district's history. Alderton has experience as a special education teacher in several ACPS schools, including George Washington Middle School, Francis C. Hammond Middle School and Samuel W. Tucker Elementary School. She currently works in the non-profit DC Special Education Cooperative.

Alderton said in the ACPS press release: "I look forward to working with colleagues to ensure that fairness is always the top priority of all our decisions, which is consistent with the ACPS 2025 Strategic Plan: Fairness for All." "It is more important than ever to ensure that we provide services to every student and provide opportunities for all young people living in our cities."

Nolan, who has 24 years of education experience, was appointed vice chairman for the third consecutive year.

The chairman and vice chairman of the board of directors serve a one-year term in Virginia. However, the school board holds elections every three years, which means that the next election is scheduled for November 2021.

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