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Provided by SODA Architects and part of the Walkers Court plan, the new theatre in the heart of Soho celebrates the area’s long tradition as a London entertainment hub

A new plan by SODA Architects recognizes Soho's tradition as an entertainment center. The company has transformed a former brothel near London into a high-tech revolving theater with an Art Deco style. The seats and balconies of the avenue will not only rotate, but the stage will also change level.

Through thoughtful design, the architect made this small space more difficult and beautiful. In the auditorium, specially designed leather and beech seats can be tilted and stacked horizontally. The dark blue wall panels are staggered to improve acoustics.

The dressing room has windows-a novel decoration that actors love-and a light birch-layer dressing table designed by SODA. The table top is turned into a mirror. Throughout the building, the handrails are covered with leather, which is sewn by hand by a craftsman.

The Art Deco style of the bar includes white marble countertops, brass details, fluted glass and pink walls. Some of the built-in mirrors in the elegant toilet have an antique rose color effect, while the cabinet doors are warm rosewood veneers.

SODA director Russell Potter explained the reasons behind the Art Deco style: "We want to evoke the spirit and decadence of the 1920s, the charm of the night in the West End and the birth of the Jazz Age."

The architect worked with theater expert Charcoalblue to make the theater space as flexible as possible so that various events can be held within a day. By pushing the floor of the first floor with cantilevered bubbles away from the non-nutrient alley below, more seats can be added. The two parts of the scheme-containing the theater and the bar-are connected by a closed glass "bridge". 

This is the first phase of Walker's Court developed for the client Soho Estates. §

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