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On January 6, thousands of Trump-supporting protesters gathered at a rally near the White House to oppose the illusion that the election was stolen from their beloved Donald Trump. It was from this crowd, which included white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and Christian insurgents, murderous mobs of terrorists appeared and attacked Congress. Some looters looked for hostages or might assassinate elected officials in the United States. Five people died. Who helped organize the rally, Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.), Rudy Giuliani and others whipped the demonstrators with false claims in front of the demonstrators , Protesting thousands of people going to Capitol Hill. Initiate inflammatory chaos?

The organizers of the Trump march (also known as the Save America Parade) have taken down the site for the rally and subsequent marches, but the archive page cited nine "alliance partners." This is a list that should not be forgotten, especially considering that some sponsors are clearly trying to erase their fingerprints.  

. The costume was created in 2019 to oppose Trump's impeachment and is the main organizer of the rally. As a black money non-profit organization, it does not have to disclose its donors. But as

, The pro-Trump policy advocacy organization, America First Policies, donated US$25,000 to the "First Women in America" ​​in 2019. (U.S. First Policy is led by Linda McMahon, a longtime Trump supporter and former head of the Small Business Administration.) It was first run by Amy Kremer, the former leader of Tea Party Express. Her daughter, Kylie Jane Kremer, executive director of the Trump Women’s Organization

As an applicant for an assembly permit. (Amy Kremer)

Trump's female representative. )

Last year, Kremer’s “Tea Party Express” was “famous for the operation of the Political Action Committee, which started from small donors and

Who initiated the PAC, not the candidate. "The American First Women Program is essentially part of Trump's political actions. 

Yes, the pillow company Mike Lindell, run by the guy you saw on TV, helped trigger the terrorist attack on the US government. Lindel was the co-chair of Trump's re-election campaign in Minnesota, and has always been one of Trump's most resounding supporters and a spreader of conspiracy theories. Lindel has

Manipulating the voting machine produced Joe Biden's victory. He has

The work of pro-Trump lawyers (and conspiracy theorists), Linwood and Sidney Powell. Although he has been one of Fox News’ largest advertisers, recently

Right-wing networks that suppress hypothetical evidence of election fraud. After the attack on the Capitol, he was those

"Plants" may have planned violence. Lindell said in a video posted on social media: "First of all, the commotion you see on TV is a joke." "My niece is there, and they say 99.9% is-just a peaceful protest. Maybe some people broke in, They seem to have broken very early, and as far as we know, they may be plants."

This is the student-oriented Trump lover group hosted by Charlie Kirk, who was the opening speaker at the Republican Congress last year. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, Kirk organized Trump cheering events, which were packed with attendees. In september

The turning point is a "large and secret campaign" to spread pro-Trump propaganda. "Experts say they evaded the guardrails set up by social media companies to restrict online disinformation used by Russia during the 2016 election. "Two days before the rally on January 6, Kirk said in a tweet

Trump’s student and turning point action was “send more than 80 buses full of patriots to Washington to fight for the president.” After the attack, he deleted the tweet. 

. This is the death of the right-wing Titan (Phyllis Schlafly) in 2016. The group's campaign has been going on for many years. It opposes United Nations treaties, "radical feminists", federally regulated day care, abortion rights, gun restrictions, this is the usual case. On the day of the attack, Ed Martin, the chairman of the group, posted a photo of himself meeting with Congressman R-Texas, and they smiled together holding a "stop stealing" sign. After the attack, Ed Martin also sought to cover up anti-counterfeiting conspiracy theories and approved the repost of Congressman Brooks' tweets. Martin RT tweeted another tweet stating that two days after the attack, there was "no evidence that the police attacked the Capitol". 

This is another non-profit organization similar to Schlafly. Its president and founder Kimberly Fletcher (Kimberly Fletcher) has been among Trump's conspiracies for many years. In October 2016, she wrote an article

in order to

Advocate Trump's claim that he will be a victim of an artificially rigged election is "not a conspiracy"

, This is a conspiracy 

. She said at the time: "In essence, the media has become the propaganda department of the Democratic Party. The mass media completely ignored any negative news about Hillary Clinton and reported any negative news about Trump, which proved this point. (Does anyone remember Clinton’s email?) In December, American Mothers

The "Keep Christmas" rally in Washington featured... Mike Lindell. Before that event, Fletcher complained: “Politicians use Covid-19 as a great power.” On the day Trump’s followers disbanded the Capitol, the American mother organized an event, Rep. Mary Miller. (R.Ill.) Appeared,

Unless "we win the hearts of the children, the conservatives will lose. This is a battle. Hitler was right on one thing. He said: "He who has youth has a future." After citing Hitler's remarks to arouse a strong protest, Miller apologized. 

This group

It is itself "an organization that represents the right of Americans to worship freely." Its guiding force is a pastor named Brian Gibson, who leads a church in Owensboro, Kentucky. He has always opposed COVID safeguards that restrict church attendance. He is a fiery speaker and participated in the "Trump Parade" car tour before the rally. On January 2, Gibson stopped at West Monroe Station in Louisiana

The crowds of the Black Army Corps, missionaries who fought in the American Revolution. He yelled: "You are not controlled...This is our land, not theirs." "Now is the time for us to seriously consider taking it back." He pointed out that the "Black Robe Legion" had been separated from the missionaries. . They say that there are periods of peace and periods of war. What the pastor does is we lead the sheep. We feed the sheep. But we will also kill wolves... You cannot negotiate with wolves. The wolf can only do one thing. Gibson didn’t say what it was. However, it seemed that he didn’t say that he should get together peacefully with the wolf. After the rally on January 6, he

A Kentucky television station where he participated in the Washington protests only non-violently opposed Biden’s election and was not part of the organization that attacked the Capitol. 

. It is not yet clear what it was or what was once a wild protest, and who was behind it. A kind


Advocating the rally and subsequent parade to Capitol Hill, and citing Trump’s statement that this day will be "wild." The website stated that it was "brought to you by Stop​​Steal and its alliance leaders" and declared: "

You must take it to the lawn of the U.S. Capitol, walk up the steps, and tell Congress #DoNotCertify on #JAN6! Congress could not prove the fraudulent electoral college. Our presence in Washington, DC will let members of Congress know that we stand with Representative Mo Brooks and his colleagues in the House of Representatives and they will bravely oppose the accreditation of the electoral college. "(

The notice issued at the rally did not cover the lawns and steps of the Capitol. ) After the fatal attack, the site was taken down. 

Stop Steal is the name of the right-wing movement to stop the overthrow of the 2020 election results, which is led by Ali Alexander, who claims to be the “national organizer”. (Alexander

Credit card fraud occurred in 2008. ) In mid-November, Alexander's lawyer

Discontinued Steal in Alabama as a limited liability company. Last month, at a rally in Arizona, Alexander

Among the crowd, "One of our organizers in a state said,'We are good patriots, we don't throw bricks. I leaned over and said, "Not yet. not yet! 'Have you not read a bit of tar and feathers? That is a second-degree burn! "But it is not yet clear what "stop stealing" means on the list of alliance partners. Immediately after the election, there was a Stop Steal team.

On Facebook, it was claimed that Biden had snatched Trump's legitimate victory. Such as

, This is an irregular job, "mainly organized by a group of frustrating right-wing Internet figures." CNN

The "Facebook" group is managed by a loose coalition of right-wing agents, some of whom work with former Trump adviser Steve Bannon. A little more than a day before Facebook shut it down on November 5 (the day of publication), the organization gathered thousands of followers. Despite this, similar pages quickly spread. The origin of the plan can be traced back several years. In 2016, Roger Stone, a longtime Trump adviser and behind-the-scenes political agent, was sentenced to Congress lied (and was forgiven by Trump),

A Stop Steal website raised funds, claiming that Democrats were preparing to steal the election of that year from Trump. Friday, Alexander

In the video posted to Twitter, "I didn't incite anything. I did nothing." He was subsequently banned from Twitter. on Friday, 

At least 66 Facebook groups are related to the "stop stealing" message. 

This is our way

This conservative organization was established in 2011: "Two years ago, the Tea Party Patriots organization started as a sloppy, downright conservative organization... However, the grassroots Tea Party organization quickly accepted the establishment of DC, which is more suspicious. Approach... the team leader is willing

 And paid his considerable salary. TPP accepted 

And donating large amounts of anonymous cash before the key elections, its top official

. Recently, the organization has hired several large fundraising and public relations companies to serve celebrities from the Republican political class, including some of the most secret Republican campaigns. On January 6, Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots

A photo of himself at the rally before the attack, and pointed out: "I am here to fight for President Trump in the Save America Parade. We will not allow them to steal this election!" 4:27 PM, January 6 Sometime between 10:49 pm, after the mob ransacked the Capitol, the Tea Party Patriots were removed from the sponsor list on Trump's website in March. 

It is not surprising that these people and costumes became part of the rally. These are all key elements of Trump's support structure and enthusiastically promoted his false accusations against the election. There is no evidence linking them directly to the violence that occurred. But all of them are arousing a group of people who become angry with resentment, paranoia and anger. They gathered together, gathered a group of people including extremist militants, asked them to jump on lies and hatred, and then pointed them at the Capitol. After this terrible incident, they can delete tweets and post more conspiracy theories, but they have to take responsibility. They literally laid the foundation for the deadly attack. Their collective guilt cannot be erased by shutting down the website. 

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