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It is still unclear when the child can fully return to school. One thing has been determined: parents and caregivers should prepare for the continued family study this school year.

Until March, April, May and June, many of the obstacles they experienced still surfaced in their minds, and a pair of local parents knew they needed to be creative to ensure their children could live virtual lives.

We are talking about school supplies for the entire world. Yes, pens, pencils and laptops are still on the list, but the headset, desk, lamp and desk chair are also there. And there are good reasons.

"This spring, my three children were placed on the kitchen table, and everyone was sitting on a Chromebook because all of us were working hard on Zoom calls and classroom work," Niskayuna resident, third-grade twin girl and four-year-old girl Said Tessa Steller, his mother. Son Steller is also adjusting his role as a virtual reading teacher employed by Catapult at the Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Parish School in Schenectady. She said that quietness and space are very precious. Moreover, the premium, she means it is hard to find.

Steller said: "I tried to make a schedule that includes snack time and rest time. Some days seem to work better than others."

But even though Steller said she hopes to put each child in her own space to minimize quarrels and interference, their bedroom is more suitable for entertainment and sleep than work.

This is why what she will do this summer includes a bedroom renovation with budget, space and virtual learning in mind. Since the girls celebrated their eighth birthday in August this year, a makeover has become a gift-as many gifts to Steller and her husband Jordan as to girls.

Since these girls share a bedroom, two single beds, two desks and a dressing table, all the clothes of the two active girls make their previous state feel cramped and cramped. To quote the famous saying in the movie "Step Brothers", there is almost no room for "activity".

Steller's solution includes a set of bunk beds with built-in storage, which she believes will make the room feel larger and more open. She compared dozens of online options, visited local retailers, and landed on a "self-assembled, solid wood" bunk bed equipped with a "Tunnel" (ideal overnight stay in the post-COVID world) with the help of Wayfair .

Then, she stuffed the two basic desks that she bought from Ikea last year. Those things that were previously thought to be limited and cluttered could not be used for school work. She placed them in front of a pair of windows, and prepared desk lamps, pencil cups and notebook.

In addition to some starlight string lights, fluffy pillows and accessories purchased from Pottery Barn, Target and Amazon, there are some talents, such as HomeGoods wire frame display boards and Overstock low-pile carpets, which make the space more Fresh. The girls think that their room is an oasis of dreams, with enough space to practice daily dance activities.

They even promised to tidy up the Zoom call before it happened, and agreed to wear its novel shiny, head-mounted headset in class so that each one can work normally without interfering with each other. This means that Steller can take back the kitchen table for her virtual class and dining with her family, which makes her equally excited.

Steller is so satisfied with the results that she is actively placing a raised bed with a built-in desk for her son, and hopes that he can complete most of his studies in class.

If you want to settle down in a similar way for kids, teenagers and teenagers, please consider the following points, without even going to the store:


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