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PESHAWAR: The 8th grade school and university in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province will reopen on Monday after the school was closed for more than two months due to the second coronavirus pandemic.

The education department of primary and secondary schools instructs all government and private primary and secondary schools to strictly abide by standard operating procedures to protect students and teachers.

According to the decision of the Federal and Provincial Ministry of Education, all educational institutions in the province were closed on November 26 due to the severity of the second weaving of Covid-19.

After a one-and-a-half month break, high schools and universities in the government and private sectors will resume educational activities on January 19. During the first phase of the pandemic, all educational institutions will be closed in March 2020 and will gradually reopen from September 30.

The principal of a high school told Liming that in accordance with the government’s instructions, students’ chairs and desks in the classroom should be kept at a proper distance.

He said: "If the number of students in the classroom exceeds 30, they will be divided into two groups." He added that each group of students will go to school the next day.

He said that similarly, students will be required to wash their hands and use disinfectants, and appropriate weapons have been made in schools for this. He said that starting from January 19th, students in grades 9 to 12 must abide by all SOP regulations.

An official from the elementary and middle school education department told Liming that different teams have been set up at the district and district levels to conduct surprise visits to schools to ensure compliance with the SOP.

The SOP issued by the education department stated: “When possible, leave at least 1 meter of space for children’s desks.” The SOP said, avoid physical contact sports, ensure a “no contact policy”, and avoid “involving children touching each other’s hands” Hand game". Do not share food or drinks in the same cup, and encourage children to bring their own food.

The education department has instructed schools to stop selling cooked and junk food on and off campus. It has issued instructions to schools that temperature checks should be conducted at the entrance of the school, and any children or staff whose temperature exceeds 99 degrees Fahrenheit are not allowed to enter the school.

The report said, ensuring that schools are cleaned daily through proper waste management practices, and arrangements are made for students and parents to adapt to new school agreements, including school opening and suspension.

Faculty and staff should wear masks throughout the day and encourage multiple hand washing, and help children between the ages of 7 and 7 with hand washing and hygiene habits.

The education department said that physical distancing and respiratory hygiene should be maintained between students and faculty and staff, and to avoid gathering children during gatherings, such as gathering and gathering children.

It also instructs the school to establish an intolerance policy for parents and students who do not follow the recommendations for masks, hand washing and physical distancing.

Exposed or symptomatic students should be dismissed for at least seven days. Students and their class members who test positive for the virus should be dismissed for at least 14 days. School administrators or assigned faculty members should contact the government's health department. Private. Limited company (

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