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This winter, the Gordon Career Center will host four "fireside chat"-style winter alumni career exchange activities between well-known alumni and current students. Guests include ESPN's NFL reporter Kimberley Martin '03; Jon Turteltaub '85, film/TV director and producer; Jesse Greenspan '06, health partner supply chain and logistics director; and conference committee chief economist Dana Peterson '98.

On January 21, Myla Stovall '22 (left), a double major in psychology and English, hosted a conversation with ESPN's NFL reporter Kimberley Martin '03. Martin covered the National Football League as a national writer and defeated reporters, and joined ESPN as an NFL reporter in March 2020. She covered the league throughout the year and contributed to ESPN's NFL shows, SportsCenter,, and more. During the discussion, Martin reviewed the reasons why she chose to join Wesley. "Wesley School was actually the last school I visited. I saw every school in the eastern coastal area. Wesley was like home. I felt like a bird singing. This is where I need to go." She said .

Although Wesleyan University does not offer journalism degrees, Martin still cherishes African American studies and psychology degrees. "Becoming a psychology major actually helps me a lot in the reporting field. Because if you think about it, it means constantly dealing with people. Social psychology. Understanding how people work, how they think, and what drives their development. "she says. Martin also shared her initial challenge from ESPN. "I was hired as a TV reporter, but in essence, I am a writer. I am a storyteller. My preferred medium is speech. So this is a difficult transition because I have never done web TV. ."

On January 26, Major Keane Chan Hodges '21 (left), major in Film and Art History, hosted a discussion with film/TV director and producer Jon Turteltaub '85. Turteltaub is known for being a director


(1995), and

(2004), and production of CBS TV series

. Although Turteltaub majored in drama and psychology, he said: "I would urge every student in Wesleyan to take a sociology course because I think sociology is...maybe the most important thing in our country or the world."

"The days of going to a film studio to make a movie are very old now. You all have super cameras in your pockets or desks and editing equipment on your laptops. It is much better than anything 25 years ago." Turteltaub said. "Nothing can stop you from making a movie, and... now, you can upload a movie with the push of a button. People can see it. If you want to make a movie, there is no reason not to make a movie."

On January 27th, Fitzroy "Pablo" Wickham '21 of Neuroscience and Drama and Ivie Uzamere '21 of Social Biology and Science hosted the meeting with Partners In Health (PIH) Supply Chain and Logistics Director Jesse Greenspan '06 discuss. . Since joining PIH in 2008, Greenspan has provided supply chain and logistics activities for Haiti, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Peru, Rwanda and Sierra Leone through the development of forecasting methods, data management and reporting, international procurement and procurement, and budget planning. Provided support, disaster response, and the development and implementation of OpenBoxes (open source supply chain management software developed for global health delivery). Greenspan said: "The model of health partners is to work hand-in-hand with the Ministry of Health." "We are working hard to ensure that the supplies, equipment and medicines needed to provide care are always available when clinicians need them."

Greenspan is a government major. She explained that as a student at Wesleyan University, she worked at the back-up counter of the Olin Library, participated in the "Global Student AIDS Campaign", and studied abroad in Cameroon. This is her A highlight of Wesley's experience. "I am convinced that the spirit of the school remains the same. I have an amazing experience... and try to make the most of all the wonderful activities, courses and extracurricular experiences that Wesleyan offers." Her two favorite courses are developing countries. Political economy and plant biology. "I took courses outside of my major to try to gain as much liberal arts experience as possible. I think it’s important to be curious, and I think Wesley’s education does a good job of encouraging this."

The final professional dialogue will be held at 7pm on February 3rd. Dana Peterson '98, Chief Economist of the Conference Committee, Head of the Center for Economics, Strategy and Finance, will talk about her extensive experience in the public domain and also worked for the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, DC



A collection of poems by John Murillo, assistant professor of English, was shortlisted for the 2021 Pen / Voelcker Poetry Collection Awards and the Believer Book Awards.

In just one week, our students returned to campus. We urge our community to review appropriate safety guidelines, such as social evacuations, wearing a face mask, and following testing procedures. Want more information:

We stopped to think of Christina Crosby, a beloved member of the Wesleyan community, who recently passed away at the age of 67. She will always have a great influence on us.

Recalling Christina Crosby's "typical disability narrative", the tormented object was brought into a livable residence and the lessons learned through painful trials, and it often sounded Believe.

During the winter vacation last year, the students of the E2020 program supported registration, participated in political campaigns and cooperated with advocacy groups. E2020 supports student learning through citizen participation and liberal arts education. Wesley Year Review:

As we reflect on the success of the COVID-19 security agreement, we will continue our 2020 review. The student returns after being tested for COVID-19 at home, and returns again upon arrival. Similar plans and isolation measures are in place in the spring. Wesley Year Review:

As the pandemic is still affecting our community, we continue to conduct Wesley’s annual review to review our efforts to help local hospitals. In April last year, two makerspace laboratories on the campus produced 3D printed protective masks. Read more stories:

Congratulations to Narda Jones (Narda Jones '91) for being appointed by President Joe Biden as Director of Legislative Affairs of the Office of Science and Technology Policy.

As part of a three-part mini-course called "The Good Life", the university’s 760 alumni, parents and friends are discussing three questions about winter. At 7pm tonight, the discussion will focus on Taoism.

Throughout the beginning of February, the Gordon Career Center of Wesleyan University will host four career dialogues with students and alumni from different industries participating. Join us for one or all of the upcoming fireside chats.

As the first month of the new year comes to an end, we begin to reflect on 2020. It is full of challenges-the Wesleyan community is head-to-head. Read some popular stories in the Wesleyan Almanac:


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"If there is no hope to change the present, people will think of the purpose of the ghost of slavery."

"Time is right, do the right thing." We are honored to have received four visits in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s life, including visits in 1962, 1963, 1964 and 1966. His words are inspiring and are so true today.

This month, Wesleyan will launch two new MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) on the Coursera platform. Registration for both courses is free.

we support

And all its members, tasks, goals and achievements To learn more about the Wesleyan student athletes of the Color Leadership Council, please visit ➡️

Michayla Robertson-Pine '22 and her friends found themselves frustrated with university online learning, so they created a remote, community-oriented program with the goal of spreading happy learning for school-age children during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the mission of the course "Global Change and Infectious Diseases" taught by Fred Cohan, papers by more than 25 students across the United States were published in American newspapers, many of whom cited the university's COVID-19 safety procedures.

Authors Hafizah Geter, Rae Armantrout and Honorée Fanonne Jeffers of Wesleyan University Press were recently shortlisted for PEN America.

"Again, we must recommit in higher education to encourage the kind of democratic practices that are completely synchronized with the goals of free education..." President Michael Rose 78 expressed his reaction to the incident in Washington yesterday:

Happy New Year, Cardinal! This is a year of joy and prosperity.

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