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When the theater went dark in March, the film festival was quickly

, But let’s face it, summer is here, desktop fans will gush out a lot of sweat from your face, you don’t have to watch movies on your laptop. Fortunately, the organizers of the city’s great seasonal film festivals-Tribeca Films, Rooftop Films and Greenpoint Film Festival-all follow pop-up cinemas And rise.

Back in May, the only entry of popcorn in New York City was

, One and a half hours of status update. In addition, you basically have to drive to Florida and Texas to enjoy movies through the foggy windows (even those

). But now, New Yorkers only need to drive the Zipcar into the block, put the seat back in place, and pray that the battery will not die during the big screening.


You don’t even need to drive in. By August, when the people of the Greenpoint Film Festival will build the ninth iteration of their annual independent film festival in the parking lot of the Broadway Stage Production Studio, about 50 parking spaces will be provided for those who drive and fix their cars. For those who do not have wheels. Either way, the food truck will be used as a snack bar. If your Hudi dog’s AC power is damaged, you are welcome to open the lawn chair. If you only see a flick 

, Published by Brooklyn director John Kingman (John Kingman). Science fiction comedies are popular 

 Therefore: "The alien pods that look like purple corn spread on the fashionable food trucks in Brooklyn, commanding people’s bodies, and turning Brooklyn, New York into a place close to the American suburbs, unless rogue FDA agents and rudderless Millennials can stop them in time.” This trailer features the appearance of comedian/author/rock singer Dave Hill and is full of the fun you expect. One said: "Everyone behaves weirdly." "Not just Williamsburg weird. Aliens are weird."

If you have enough cash to pay the $50 entrance fee, please cheer on Range Rover and head to Hampton. Last weekend, a screening hosted by Alec Baldwin

, This is an upcoming documentary about two women who think they are signing up for a viral prank, only to find that they are trapped in an assassination conspiracy when they were hit by snooker and Kim Jong Un Brother, rubbing a deadly chemical agent. The other movies displayed on the inflatable screen in the school parking lot will definitely be more attractive:

And the new Andy Thornberg movie,

. Of course, you can watch it on Hulu, but you will not be able to show off your new Tesla.

At the beginning of the Covid crisis, after it issued an alert about the future and raised more than $22,500 in emergency funds, Rooftop Films managed to complete the 24th annual summer series. Following the tradition of industrial sites where superstars do not take unusual paths, this year's movie will be screened at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. In this particular driving style, the rules of social evacuation are very strict (not even taking lawn chairs or pop-up convertible tops into consideration), but it is worth mentioning that there are high-quality movies like Friday's movies.

Congressman John Lewis on the civil rights legend. Saturday brought Franco (Dave) James (Franco)’s first film debut in New York,

, A thriller about rent went wrong and may be called "ScareBNB". Stay tuned for more programming announcements and details about upcoming launches in Queens.

Before the Antiquity Film Festival, Tribeca Films held a "Tribeca Driving In" event outside the Winter Garden. Actually, this is just a cheeky description of the ordinary ol' outdoor screening series, but now they have launched

Drive in the Orchard Beach parking lot in the Bronx and the Nixon Beach parking lot in Long Island. Many movies are blockbuster films, perfect for a sultry day at the beach (

), but there are some cult favorites (


) And past selections from the Tribeca Film Festival (

, This is a short documentary about the decriminalization of black hair by the Kentucky Legislature. It will be shown before Spike Lee’s film

). You can get the Orchard Beach screening for free with the advance ticket, so continue to splurge on that car.

We don't usually open our eyes on the New Jersey incident, but the desperate moment demands...just kidding! The people at the annual Montclair Film Festival are excellent curators, and the fact that you can actually put down the roof of the convertible or the hatchback makes this movie worth trying. This one

Things, so hope the family-friendly fare is like


. However, from July 24th to 26th,

, This is a documentary after the four court cases, representing the unremitting efforts of the American Civil Liberties Union for God. I haven’t watched it, but I think it’s better than the worst movie I’ve seen while driving, Matthew McConaughey’s movie

It is indeed a time of despair...

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