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Our choice:

"Subject: Kicking Covid-19 Containment!

"My grandmother was born in 1896. She was a young mother when the flu pandemic occurred in 1918. I only heard a conversation about her once when she said it was a hard life, and it was frustrating and frustrating afterwards. Because many families were broken up. That and the Great Depression ten years later affected her for the rest of her life, but did not affect her in the way you expected.

"I remember she told me many times:'Just because there are some common things, or you use it every day, doesn't mean it won't be beautiful." She uses her own needlework skills-embroidery, stitching, crocheting , Smock-illuminates the objects around the house. I especially remember that she put two pillows on the sofa. Their stitching method makes a three-dimensional folding pattern appear. This technology is called Canadian work clothes.

"So, when I was recently called by a nurse in a nursing home asking me to make a mask for residents to wear, I decided to arrange for Grandma Bertha to go to my cloth store (I admit that there may be multiple women who can use it in my life) , I started to pull up what I thought was beautiful fabric and started to sew. After dozens of masks, I realized that I was seriously leaning towards soft flowers, so I went back to my hiding place and found fishing bait, hiking boots, Fabrics featuring camping equipment and beer mugs.

"Grandma Bertha has gone through turbulent times: two world wars, a pandemic, the Great Depression, all her sons enlisted in the army, etc. But she knows the important thing is that if you have family by your side, you will be able to spend a lot Time is like we will survive the pandemic of this century.

"Keep your energy up, perform social evacuation, and kick Covid-19 containment!"

"One hundred and twenty years ago, influenza was raging. My father took a picture of my sister Ruth holding a daily newspaper, telling the world war armistice agreement.

"Today, my granddaughter Becky sent me this photo of her son Wyatt in the electronic version of the e-mail, which tells of the pandemic virus sweeping the world.

Well, this is the wrong newspaper. But we cannot win all!

Theme: The connection with the 20th century Lutheran.

"The coronavirus hit, and the auction girl joined the ranks of thousands of unemployed Minnesota. Before wandering in the realm of the "stay at home" order, her performance at the local grocery store attracted a lot of people. Therefore, Connecting to this new virtual world of virtual online orders and virtual parties is hardly so easy.

"'If you don't need it, why do you have it? A generation, I am used to work, libraries, and certain businesses use the Internet connection to conduct any necessary online life. The auction girl has never seen YouTube videos. Ordered something on Amazon, or did private activities like banking through the Internet. She still had a negative attitude towards banking. It was too easy to be hacked. Anyway, the order dropped, her choice disappeared, she called Call the neighbor, there is a cable connection in the town.

"Oh, dear," she said, "it's time. Once he gets used to it, father will like it very much."

"Then fireworks." What did he do to my TV? "(You are talking to the remote control.) "This computer is being updated. "(It took 30 minutes.) "I may never see my email again. I don't understand why they came in and messed up everything."

"The auction girl used her 1936 Royal (with Magic Margins) to make labels for all the new electronic products installed. Within a week, she went from dealing with an old-fashioned piano and music roll to an old-fashioned one. The dilapidated relatives and (ordered?) bathroom rolls.

Prescott, Wisconsin's book: "Theme: Chivalry Reworked.

"I recently noticed that the coronavirus has brought a change in my life, and that is that the small speedboat is now waiting for me to open the door for her."

Como: "Subject: The world around us.

"I have been properly quarantined for about two weeks now. There is nothing left to say about this except that I was overloaded by Netflix.

"Anyway, I threw a load in the washing machine this morning and took out the trash. The sun came out, radiating warmth. I heard a cardinal and took a look. He was on my oak tree, but As I could see, he flew across the road to the neighbor’s tree. He is singing over there now. I saw a crow (or a nearby coyote) has sent out to lay on the road for a day and a half to kill the muskrat. He is gone; no hair is left.

"The sun feels good, so I took the nail clippers off the truck. I opened the lawn chair and placed it in the open garage door. I sat down and enjoyed the warmth of the sun on my knees. Then I cut my nails. Some people may think this is strange, but it makes sense to trim your nails outside. I don’t have to clean up the newspaper clippings.

"Three young people with non-legged, dog dogs walked over on the road. They were on the other side. They didn't practice a safe distance with anyone except me. The girl raised her hand, listless, half-hearted.

"I looked at the truck. The last time I drove, I washed it. It won't get dirty while sitting in the garage. It doesn't use natural gas, which is fine. It's still very clean, but I may start it later. Already It's been over a week.

"Well, the clouds are overwhelming, try to make me lose the warmth of the sun. I heard the washing machine inside the door. Another dog with one hand approached and filled it with a poop bag. There is not much more, no sunlight, I feel the chill of the breeze. I better go back to housework."

St. Paul's Cathedral: "The winter of 2018-19 is exhausting. We have been plagued by bad weather and sometimes have to stay for a day or two.

"On a Sunday in February, our mass ended. We sang and performed a lap dance to the'Norwich Bell Tower'. Those who chose to sing and dance walked holding hands, then left, then right, and then in and out Out. Then rotate in place, and then repeat it again. It's fun and really cheers me up.

"Later, when the NCAA sweet 16 basketball came into town, we danced again at the end of Massachusetts. That Wednesday, three people from California were visiting our church. After announcing the "Norwich Bells" dance, I Dragged one of them to participate. She said she didn’t know the specific steps. I told her it was okay because I didn’t know them either. We just need to look at our leader Chris. Fortunately, the visitor has already met the challenge. Later I saw her laughing with Chris.

"In March of this year, we avoided the deadly Corvid-19. We couldn't see or hear. Even in church, we couldn't gather together, let alone deal with people, talk with strangers or in groups. Sing and dance. The worst thing is the fear caused by this virus. I can't believe how far away and relaxed it looked last year.

The Minnesota Public Radio recently aired a story called "Every step you take is a prayer"-about the jingle dance performed by Aboriginal women in the last century to recover from the coronavirus. The researchers concluded that the Spanish flu pandemic triggered the jingle dance.

“I can’t dance physically because I don’t believe in entering another culture without permission and encouragement. But I’m thinking and praying with these dancers. #jinglehealing

"I know everything will be fine."

Theme: Humor in the Dark Ages.

"In the pandemic, people are looking for a way to squeeze out laughter or at least smile from our current situation. Shelter, social distancing, panic buying and constant hand washing are the subjects of many jokes and cartoons. Dave Dave Pell's "A Collection of Famous Poems to Modify the Coronavirus Era" (on, please note: vulgar language), got me up and made the following sentences:

"Whose woods do I think I am?

"Although his home is in the village.

"Here I know he can't roam

"Because he was quarantined at home.

"I wander alone like a cloud

"That floats on higher valleys and hills

"I know I should avoid the crowd

"And all their fever, pain and discomfort.

"Everything I Stand

"It's three long mountains and one forest.

"I'm glad that the others are not here

"So I can stay for another day.

"She walks in a beautiful place like night

"The cloudless climate and the starry sky.

"So far, so good-

"There was no fever, cough or bleeding in both eyes.

"This is an ancient sailor

"He stopped for a third.

"'You must maintain social distancing

"'Otherwise you will be gone soon."


Eos: "Spring and social isolation.

"Always an optimist, I always sit in a chair

"A pair of shorts I might dare to wear

"My legs are barely exposed.

"The legs are not beautiful, they are white and they have hair.

"But it's okay... you don't care

"Because I am here and you are there.

"my body

"North and South

"looks great,

"But it's in the middle.

"Ah! I can no longer claim

"Suitable for fiddling!"

: "Life in the Covid-19 Era:

"Like many others, during the pandemic, we are looking for our own path. There will be more time together, more uncertainty and more sense of humor, sometimes "black". When I received a call from a young bud with less life experience, I remembered a good suggestion from a few years ago: give it all to God, and then let go-if you don’t let go, you will have the same old (spam, delete delete Content) upside down!

"In the land of elderly people who are usually incompletely tuned (or in the case of Beacon Nut, both selective hearing and hearing aids), we sometimes have some interesting creative hearing. For example, this morning, when we were in When the WCCO morning performance was in progress, we were reading the newspaper, which included their fitness guru. She was showing how to exercise with household items. Don’t ask me how Beacon Nut heard her telling us to use a water-filled balloon. Worse Yes, when he repeated it to me, I heard "a lazy man full of water." Neither is a good choice, but it makes a psychological impression!

"As we experience this day at once, we will enjoy the warm weather, walk in the woods and the return of migrating birds. Sandhill cranes and swans are already saluting us as they pass overhead. We know who is in control-not We! Pray for you and yours."

, North of São Paulo: "The latest catalog provides some much-needed humor":

"I like girls

"Try to keep up"

"I'm here, I saw it,

"I forgot something

"I Pursue"


"I talk to...


"then we


"Laugh and laugh"

"'Never miss a good

"Have a chance to shut up."

"Will Rogers"


"'You ate what I did.'


"do you like it

"'SANDWICH cuts in

"'Is it a heart or a star?'"

"I have to use the instructions in the catalog to find this out:'what you see is what you get'."

What you see is what you get!

St. Paul's Cathedral: "Subject: English is spoken here.

"When former Montreal Canadiens star Henry Richard (Bulletin Board: Le Pocket Rocket) passed away recently, I thought of a story. Mickey Keating (Mickey Keating) fought in Saint Paul from 1959 to 1963. The St. Paul Fighting Saints (St. Paul Fighting Saints) played, and he told me that many years ago, he met him at the European Health Spa near 3M, where he had just opened a small snack bar.

"That year was 1955. Mickey laced his shoes and eagerly looked forward to playing the Canadians in the pre-season at the prestigious Montreal Forum (I assume the Canadians were called from the Winnipeg Warriors He came to try out), when rookie Henri Richard (Henri Richard) staggered into the dressing room of Habs, chatting in French.

"Suddenly, Henry's brother, the incomparable Morris Rocket Richard, suddenly said:'Hey, we speak English in this locker room.

"Knowing that many Canadians love French, Morris' comments are surprising and interesting, and according to Keating, Henry was caught off guard. But when the Rockets spoke, people listened.

"My brother Tom (Tom) and I became good friends with Mickey Keating, especially after we told him that we participated in many Saints competitions in the old auditorium. The last time we saw Mickey was In the closed Byerly restaurant in the East Side. Although he is in poor health (throat cancer) and he can’t speak, you can see from his smile and eyes that he is very happy to meet us. He was in 2004 Passed away on January 19, 2015 at the age of 72.

"Mickey is an excellent gentleman. Tom and I will always cherish our friendship with him and his wonderful story, especially the memory of Brother Richard."

Incredible profits-or: Netflix overload

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