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In Coyem Bedou, Chennai, a huge banner was held high above the theater of the movie theater with the words "We serve the fans". Archive | Photo Source:

On Friday, the state government overturned the January 4 decision to allow 100% of seats in movie theaters. Instead, it said that the cinema can host additional performances.

It allows

Increase the occupancy limit of the Pongal version from the previously allowed 50% to the original level.

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This is a blow to the producers, who hope to attract a large number of movie fans back to Pongal's theater. Although the state government allows the theater to reopen in November, the capacity of the theater is 50%, but the theater owner is eager to operate at full capacity, because like actor Vijay (Vijay)

And actor Celam Barasan

Lined up for Pongal, the producers did not want to release new movies in theaters with 50% of the seating capacity.

In the GO bill issued on Friday, the government retrospectively pointed out that theaters are allowed to operate at 100% seating capacity while taking into account the welfare of workers in the film projection industry. However, a letter from the Union Ministry of Interior to the Chief Secretary urging the country to adhere to the Union government’s proposal to relax the blockade standards seems to have forced the state to intervene in this issue.

"Please keep in mind the recent recommendations of the center, and the case of the Madras High Court on this issue is being heard. Single-screen cinemas and multi-hall theaters in the mall will allow 50% of the seats. According to the Madras High Court According to the order, the theater can show additional programs.

GO also added that people who often go to theaters should observe some precautions, such as wearing masks and observing hall regulations.

R. Paneerselvam, secretary general of the Tamil Nadu Film Exhibitors Association, said that if the occupancy rate of theaters reaches 50%, revenue will continue to decline. “The permission to show additional shows is breathless. This will help to make up for the loss to a certain extent and inject confidence in the family to walk into the cinema.” Mr. Paneerselvam also pointed out that on Monday, he will represent the state government and ask for Tickets are priced flexibly.

Earlier in the day, Judge Madurai of the Madras High Court instructed that the seat occupancy rate in the theater should be maintained at 50% until January 11. The court has requested New York State to respond in a series of public interest lawsuits against GO [[Withdrawn]. .

Judges MM Sundresh and S. Ananthi of the Judicial Chamber observed that the COVID-19 pandemic has no borders or consequences, and hope that the state government will consider this issue from the right perspective.

During the hearing, Assistant Attorney General L. Victoria Gowri stated that the state and federal territorial centers issued guidelines [only allow theaters to occupy 50% of the content], and these guidelines cannot be diluted. The Federal Ministry of the Interior also notified the Secretary of State of the matter.

Deputy General Representative Sricharan Langarajan said on behalf of the state that the state is considering this and will seek time to obtain instructions in this regard on January 11.

The Association of Representative Theaters and Multiple Owners said that in the past 10 months, theater owners have suffered a lot due to the pandemic. The theater owner will follow the guidelines and will not bypass anything. Flight services have been restored, and political parties are holding meetings.

The petitioner’s defense lawyer believed that the government allowed a 100% occupancy rate without proper consultation. On the contrary, the number of performances can be increased to protect the interests of theater owners.

The judges said that the proposal to increase the number of performances can be considered, and the hall should be disinfected in the shortest time, and the case should be postponed until January 11.

Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Justice Senthilkumar Ramamoorthy recommended caution in the main seats of the Madras High Court. The judges said that it is encouraging that the number of cases is declining, but in the interim order, he said that caution is recommended and that the theater should be allowed to be 100% occupied to avoid complacency. Senior lawyer Satish Parasaran challenged the ILO's petition and challenged the government's decision, stating that it violated the center's advisory opinion. Advocate Vijay Narayan argued that since the spread of COVID-19 is more or less controlled, it was decided to allow 100% occupation.

The chief judge pointed out that hearing that this number is declining is an encouraging sign, but it is better to wait until the situation improves further and let the threat fade further after the vaccination.

Since the case was first heard in the Madurai Court, the Chief Justice instructed the Registry to mark the case filed in Chennai and the case filed in Madurai and list them for joint trial on Monday.

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