Teacher calls on HCS board chair after video shows crowded classroom after plexiglass installation

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Horry County, South Carolina (WMBF)-Every elementary school in Horry County Schools should install Plexiglas dividers in their classrooms by Friday.

However, since the plexiglass has been installed, teachers have different views on how to learn.

Forestbrook Elementary School teacher Teresa Holmes posted a video on Facebook showing what the classroom looks like after the installation is complete.

"I have 28 tables here now. If we go back 5 days a week, I will have 30 or 32 children coming back from the virtual. Holmes said in the video: "This is the middle seat in the back row. This is what they say to the board the opinion of. "

She added: "I'm not sure if we can teach in this situation."

Holmes did not want to be interviewed by WMBF News. But she did call on school leaders to take a look.

"Mr. Richardson, I just want to ask the school board. Do we have a classroom with 28 desks? Go to a place where the school board members can sit and see what this looks like?" she said.

The Horry County School said it would not comment on individual employees. The district spokesperson and chairman of the school council, Ken Richardson, declined to be interviewed by WMBF News.

However, the school district said in an email that teachers can flexibly adjust the layout of the classroom. The district also wrote an email, believing that teachers and students have been able to adapt to the plexiglass in the classroom.

However, those students who study at Horry County School said that this setting looks worrying.

Robert McDonald, the grandparent of a middle school student, said that he made his granddaughter's classroom look like this, which made him very unhappy.

After watching a video shared by Holmes with WMBF News, he said: "This looks like a prison."

ED’s teacher advocacy group SC provided this statement to WMBF after watching the video:

However, Holmes said she was hopeful.

She added: "I will try to learn to love it."

Horry County School said on Wednesday that the plexiglass installation at Socastee Elementary will be completed. They said that Midland Elementary School will be the last elementary school to install plexiglass. The region cannot provide a timetable for installing middle and high schools.

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